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University of Colorado Denver Student Government Association


Standing Committees

CU Denver Student Government Association


Executive Council 


Finance and Funding Board

The Student Government Finance and Funding Committee will make every attempt to ensure that student life on campus is enhanced and sustained through the student fee funding process. Student organizations are encouraged to engage in cultural, educational, and recreational activities as well as get involved in informative and support services on campus that augment the quality of student life for their organizations and the general student body. The Student Government Finance and Funding Committee will adhere to requirements and guidelines as outlined in the Funding Guidelines and Procedures

Finance-Funding Board 

Legislation and Drafting

The Legislation and Drafting Committee is committed to exploring and researching issues that are pertinent to the CU Denver Student Body and community.  In a time, with many unknowns, mixed in with array of changes in the realm of Higher Education.  The Legislation and Drafting Committee of the CU Denver Student Government Association works in tangent with the SGA Senate to bring forth information, along with the implementation of resolutions and documents to better serve our student and alumni constituents.

Freshmen Council 

Events and Planning

The Events and Planning Committee serves to promote, plan, and execute CU Denver SGA events and activities for the benefit of the CU Denver Campus community.The committee and its members are dedicated to serve the students and faculty of our campus as well as encourage a sense of school spirit.

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