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University of Colorado Denver Student Government Association


Participating Candidates

Term 2014-15




 Scott Cao and Jeremy Gage

Scott Cao is an honors biology student with a passion for healthcare business. As an all-state linebacker in high school, Scott knows the importance of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance, and hopes to bring those values into all his areas of student involvement. Right now he is an active member in University Honors and Leadership, LLC, and Student Government Freshman Council, as well as a member of the CU Denver Ultimate Frisbee team. Also, his hips don't lie--unless he's lying down.

Jeremy Gage is a biology student with an interest in translational research. He also has an interest in Indian food. Apart from geeking out over science, he enjoys playing piano, gardening, chess, hiking, English lit, and bluegrass music. If he had one day left to live...He would wake up very early.


 Caleb Carr and Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim

I am hoping to become CU Denver's next SGA President because I believe in the power of students! Working for student housing for two year, student government for three, and competing on a collegiate Tae Kwon Do team I have found my passion working with college students. And with this passion I plan to get students involved and help CU Denver evolve into a community. Administration may not listen to one student, but an entire University coming together and telling them what we need and want is the power we can all have together. Lowing parking rates, receiving more funding from the State for tuition, and getting our a CU Denver exclusive housing won't be easy, but together we can make it happen! Please vote this April, be a part of CU Denver and also look into the opportunities that the University has for you. If you need any help please reach out to me. Thank you all for the support! 
Respectfully, Jenny Kim


Caleb Carr

My name is Caleb Carr and I am running for the position of Vice President with my colleague Jenny Kim, who is running as President. Over my years here at CU Denver I have developed programs that will help provide students with the opportunity to meet world leaders.  One of these programs is a conference that will bring the President of Rwanda to our campus. I have also started the discussion to develop a research-design and development conference building for students  here on campus. These are just a few of the benefits I have supplied for the student body as a student government member.   As Vice President I plan to continue expanding upon these works and create many more. If Jenny and I receive your vote, we will continue our work to give the students of CU Denver a voice in tuition as well as parking rates. For the first time in CU Denver Student government's history we have the ability to change something much bigger than ourselves; however we must do it together! Will you work with Jenny and I to change this campus and the community that we live in?​


 Nkem Nwankwo & Sharice Bass

Nkem Nwankwo

Nkem Nwankwo was born in Nigeria and lived there till he was the age of eight and half, but since then he has lived in Denver, CO. His major is chemistry and he has a minor in business administration. Nkem hopes to work as a research pharmacist. During his free time Nkem tutors high school students in biology, chemistry, and algebra. He is a supporter of the African Student Union other student clubs and student driven activities. Currently Nkem works with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on youth systems development. Part of his work is to make sure that key stakeholders are involved in legislation, policies, and general decisions made on their behalf.

Nkem is running to be elected as vice president in the executive position on Student Government Association (SGA) alongside Sharice Bass as president. If elected we plan to bring transparency to all the inner workings of SGA. Students are funding SGA without knowing how their funds are being spent. With Sharice and I as executives, students will know when SGA meets, how they can voice their concerns and recommendations, and how SGA members are using their tuition. We will work to hear and understand student needs, concerns, in order to defend and prioritize student interests and initiatives.

 With Sharice and Nkem as executives the students of CU Denver can be assured that they are the driving force of decisions made. Together we can build a stronger campus and a better community.  As vice president I will work to provide SGA transparency in order better support student clubs and event which build the feeling of a true college campus community. See you at the polls the week April 7th. Remember a vote for Sharice and Nkem is a vote for a richer CU Denver community and a more transparent SGA.

Sharice Bass

Sharice Bass was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She is a junior at the University of Colorado Denver. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Law Studies. Her hopes are to go to Law School once she graduates from CU Denver and become a criminal law attorney. She also worked within the community; working with the food bank and within retirement homes to bring joy to the elderly, through a variety of songs and games. Sharice is currently running for Student Body President. In the past two terms, she worked as one of the senators for the finance and funding committee. She hopes to create continued change within Student Government, and from there reach out to many of the students on campus. She wants to show students that Student Government cares about their problems, and that the SGA office is there for students to bring forth their problems. She is working to make change with the students in mind, which includes: lowering the budget and looking more closely at how student fees are spent. Sharice is working to incorporate more students in SGA events, and making connections with student organizations.  In addition, she has been involved with CU-Denver’s New Academic Building. She has talked to students and faculty, and answered questions they had about the building. Sharice is thrilled about all of the accomplishments made within Student Government and sees a positive future for the campus. 

  Bryant Burciaga & Charlotte Lopez-Jauffret

Bryant Burciaga

Bryant Burciaga is the President and Founder of Your Biz Online, a small web and mobile application development firm. Additionally, he is currently the Web Editor for The UCD Advocate. He is the first person in his family to attend college, and is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a dual emphasis in Management and Marketing and a minor in Economics. Bryant is the recipient of the Alumni Association Scholarship, the Robert Stuart Graham Scholarship, and the Sodexo Foundation Scholarship among various other awards.
When not in school he is actively coordinating with local community non-profits like Denver Food Rescue, and the Denver Voice to enact social change in our community and address issues of hunger, homelessness, and poverty.
He is currently the Vice-President of the Business Student Ambassador Committee (BSAC) student organization, and has participated in various other student organizations since transferring to CU Denver from CSU two years ago. These include the Marketing Club, the CME Commodity Trading Challenge, and Alternative Winter Break.
Bryant will bring bold, exciting leadership to SGA and has a vision to give CU Denver students the strongest culture and voice we’ve ever had in the schools 40-year history.
Fun Facts: His preferred mode of transportation is by bicycle, which he rides to school/work virtually everyday, rain or shine. He enjoys traveling, film/photography/audio, and humor/comedy


Charlotte Lopez-Jauffret  

Hello! My name is Charlotte Lopez-Jauffret and I am currently a junior at CU Denver. I am a biology major and I plan on becoming a dentist someday. I also come from a pretty diverse background. My parents were born and raised in France. This has given me the privilege to speak French fluently. However, it doesn’t stop there. I can also speak Spanish fluently due to some of my more distant family being from Spain. With my diverse background, it had allowed me to see how my culture does affect everything I do and I plan on incorporating that into the vice presidency position. I believe it is important to have diverse students represent the diverse student body that is CU Denver.


 Christopher behnke and Gene Golub

Christopher Behnke
Christopher Behnke is a junior at the University of Colorado Denver and is running for Student Government President. He is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management with a minor in economics through the UCD Business School. Christopher is a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars. Prior to beginning his academic career and enrolling at the University of Colorado Denver, Christopher served in the United States Navy and was honorably discharged in 2012. Christopher grew up in Evergreen Colorado which is just west of Denver and spent much of his youth in the mountains. In his free time Christopher still enjoys an active Colorado lifestyle hiking, biking and swimming regularly, although he is not able to be in the mountains as often as he would like. Having previously served in the military Christopher thoroughly understands the requirements of a quality leader and how to utilize the individuals around him to succeed as a team. If elected Christopher will bring commitment and enthusiasm to the position of President and strive to lead by example. Christopher will work tirelessly to ensure that the student’s of the University of Colorado Denver’s concerns are addressed and ensure that the Student Government Association functions as efficiently as possible to serve the student body effectively. 











Gene Golub

Gene Golub is a third year student pursing a major in International Business and a minor in Philosophy. He is originally from Belarus, but was raised for most of his life in Colorado. With his fluency in Russian he hopes to create a consulting firm that deals in relations between American and Russian companies. This is his first time running for SGA, but he has many ideas and projects that he would like to fulfill. If elected Gene hopes to represent the business school and its growing needs as the campus continues to expand. With the move to the new building, it appears that most business students spend most of their time off the main campus, and he would like to increase participation and information between the two. In his free time he enjoys spending time in the mountains and going to concerts. Gene is excited to participate and be able to make a change as your UCDenver SGA Vice President.





 Pedro Ramos

Hello my name is Pedro Ramos and I am currently a freshman
here at the University of Colorado Denver and I want to run for student senate in this spring’s upcoming election. Coming from immigrant parents, they’ve shown me what it is like to work hard and make it count each and every day. They’ve passed on these values to me and it’s something I would like to share with the CU Denver community, to continue a heritage of perseverance, dedication, and motivation. As a current Biology major pursuing a career in pre- health I notice how hard the CU Denver students study each and every day. I get a firsthand account of what it’s like to be a student here and to recognize we are all the same, we came to learn with purpose. The only way we can continue doing so is to collaborate together in unity for the one common goal of becoming successful. That’s why I ask for you to vote this upcoming spring because it’s important to unite the student body even closer than ever and make change happen.

We Are CU Denver!


 Lubna Mazin

Lubna Mazin is a third year student pursing a major in biology and a minor in leadership studies. She hopes to eventually have a career in pharmacy. She is a University Honors and Leadership Scholar. This is her third year serving on CU Denver SGA. She was a freshmen senator as well as the vice chair of events and planning. This year she is vice president. She hopes to bring excitement back into events such as Spirit Thursday and the Spirit Bus, providing students a form of transportation to the Club sports games. For the past two years she was also a Peer Advocate Leader (PAL) where she helped incoming first year students get familiar with the campus, get involved, as well as helped them get excited about our university at their Freshmen Orientation. She was also a Learning Assistant (LA) for Biology I and General Genetics. Her main responsibilities as an LA were to help students gain a better understanding for the subject as well as help students further their learning. Her biggest achievement at the University of Colorado Denver has been that she started the club sports Cheer and Dance team. She hopes to encourage school spirit and encourage people to get involved in order to have a community feel to the campus. She hopes to bring knowledge from her past experiences to help provide a tight knit campus for her fellow students.


 Hue Phung


Hue Phung is a freshman, majoring in Biology. She enjoys the outdoors, photography, dancing, yoga, movies, exploring things she isn’t used to and being able to others whenever she can. She spends most of her time helping out at church by being a youth leader, and dancing for charities. She finds joy in helping the kids at her church because she can see the joy that they get out of learning life skills. Education is important to Hue because she hopes to one day become a high school psychologist. Her family came over here from Vietnam, with minimal schooling, but her parents have tried their best to give her a chance at education. This is why she doesn’t take for granted the education that she has. Her first year at the University of Colorado Denver has been amazing because of all the resources and programs she has been exposed to even though her transition from high school to college wasn’t as smooth as she has thought it would be. The programs that she has involved herself in though have made it easier. This is why she wants to be apart of the University of Colorado Denver’s Student Government; she wants to be able to be apart of something that helps build a community within the University.  


 Tiffany Cung

Tiffany Cung is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Demography. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2016, and then continue her education in medicine to pursue a career as a physician. She is interested in emergency medicine or pediatrics. Tiffany enjoys spending her time volunteering. She volunteers at the Children’s Hospital on a regular basis, along with participating in other volunteer opportunities throughout the year such as the Family Wellness Summit, Parade of Lights, and Walk for Sudan. She looks forward to being involved with Student Government so that she can not only become more involved with the school but also to encourage other students to get involved. Through Student Government, she hopes to enhance her leadership skills and people skills to better herself through the amazing people she plans to meet.


 Yinglun Wang (Tom)

My name is (Tom) Yinglun Wang, I originally came from China; I am majoring in Communication and Nursing. I was a swimmer at Cherry Creek High School. Some of my hobbies include cooking real Chinese food, swimming, hanging out with friends, and shopping.  
Fun facts: I can speak Chinese, English, and French. Involvement: Educational Opportunity Program: Ambassador and Student Assistant; Summer Bridge Program: Peer Advisor; Lynx Advisory Council; Council of Asian Student Leaders Program; InnovAge Johnson Adult Day Program: Nursing Assistant and Volunteer.

 Maria Luisa Lins

Throughout my student life, I’ve always been involved in school. My involvement in school stemmed from my hope to impact change, even if it’s one person at a time. In eighth grade, I served as a 360 leader where I was a mentor and friend to sixth graders as they transitioned from elementary school to middle school.
In high school I had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. When my dad changed his job, I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico City, Mexico at the American School Foundation. At ASF, I joined the Gamma Club as a drama and English teacher to teach underprivileged children in the local area. Gamma club taught me how to listen and to connect with my students to understand their best interests.
My passion for involvement and change has not faltered since attending the University of Colorado at Denver, which is why I want to continue to get involved in the school that I consider my home. As a senator of SGA, I want to help facilitate communication between administration and the student body and unite the students of UCD as a whole. I plan to make sure that the students are heard and generate more school spirit.
I can see the potential that UCD has and I want to be a part of the team to help reach that vision. I hope to encourage more involvement in clubs and associations and encourage the creation of more interest clubs. Also, I would like to add more events to the campus calendar to provide students with more opportunities to meet other students and in turn become more involved with the university.6

 Shubheksha Shrestha

I am a student at University of Colorado at Denver studying Psychology, since Fall of 2012. I am currently running for student senate. I was born in Nepal and my family left the county when I was very young. The two cultures have shown me that a person can make a difference through hard work and good friends. I like to involve myself in different activities and expand my horizons. I have participated in many cultural dance events for the Nepali community, engaged in tennis, and competed in Model United Nations (MNU). 

I believe student body is a great way to expand my horizons and find solutions to potential problems we have at school. I have heard a few complains from my fellow peers about motorcycle parking, and bathroom stalls. I will bring these problems to the student council and find a solution to improve the situation.
At my high school I was an officer of F.B.L.A (Future Business Leaders of America) for two years. Through this experience I have seen how a couple of people can come together to create a great environment for everyone to enjoy. We had carnival night where all the different clubs opened their own booth with fun event. The clubs got to keep money they had raised and use it for there own benefit.  We had Halloween night, where the whole school was transformed into a haunted maze with treats and tricks for all.
 I would love to participate in putting together student body activities, such as the great ones I saw at high school. I hope to be elected and work together with great people and create wonderful memories for all of us.7

 Ernesto Rodriguez

I’m Ernesto Rodriguez I’m a sophomore studying for Business Marketing with a minor in Economics. I enjoy making short films and being able to produce and edit them. Ultimately I hope to become an entrepreneur and start my own business.  My goal is to encourage more students to be more interested in what goes on in CU Denver and be more engaged beyond just the academic side and be the voice for students.
Fun Fact: Attended the CU Denver Alternative Break to New York and will be studying abroad over in Spain over the summer.

 Bryson Cayaban

Aloha CU Denver Students! My name is Bryson Cayaban and I’m a current freshmen majoring in Political Science. I was born and raised on Kauai, Hawaii and followed my ambitions to continue my studies here at our University. The past four years, I have been involved with numerous school and community organizations such as the Hawaii State Student Council and Statewide Student Conference. This conference is a joint conference by student delegates, Department of Education, and the State Legislature to identify, discuss, and arrive at recommended solutions to current school issues. I would like to utilize my skills and join the effort to find solutions to student concerns on our campus. I’ve also served in my high school student government association as Student Body President. Other organizations include serving on my high school Spanish club as well as my high school Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps (JROTC) for four years. I was a high school National Honor Society member and currently a member of the CU Denver’s National Society of Colligate Scholars as well as the Hawaii Club of Auraria. I had the opportunity to be part of non-profit organizations such as the Hawaii Meth project and Leadership Kauai. Currently, I’m involved with the Colorado Street Reach Soup Kitchen and Denver Church of Christ Youth Organization. I believe in the power of making a difference rather big or small and hope to gain more valuable leaderships skills to strengthen the ties of everyone through our Student Government. Furthermore, I continue to enjoy exploring, getting involved, and developing lifetime friendships with everyone here on campus, in the city, and around the state of Colorado. With my past experience, I would like to strengthen the student voice and share the Aloha spirit to all as your next CU Denver Student Senator.


 David Heisler

David Heisler is a sophomore at CU Denver, with majors in Accounting and Financial Management.  David loves to get involved on campus any way he can, and is currently a member of the Business Student Ambassador Committee, and is also the Treasurer of the Finance Club. To him, college is all about meeting like-minded people, learning, and developing himself and his peers. In his spare time, David has a few jobs and gets involved in the community; he is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, and the Romero Theater Troupe. David is affable, talkative, and loves to make people laugh. If you ever see him around campus, feel free to strike up a conversation with him. He would love to get to know you!

Fun Facts: He moved to Denver from Cleveland, Ohio, when he was a sophomore in high-school. His life’s desire is to be an entrepreneur. He loves to read, exercise, golf, and learn.

 Brandonrick Gallardo


 Areli Bonilla

Areli Bonilla is a senior majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She hopes one day to work for a big corporate company and direct their marketing department. Areli has been with CU Denver for three years and has been involved with the Business school, serving the community and currently working at the Financial Aid Offices. She is also a paint associate at The Home Depot. 

In her spare time she enjoys traveling the world and being adventurous.  She has backpacked through South America and Europe where she has gained new perspectives about different cultures and will love to share her stories! She also enjoys hiking and surfing the net. 

She is looking forward to bring unique ideas for the Student Body! We are CU Denver!


 Rajiv Thapa


 William Card


 Renee Davis


 Isioma Egbune


 Erica Godfrey


 Lola Johnson Hagmoc

Lola Johnson-Hagmoc is a third year student majoring in Music with an emphasis in Music Business. She has been a member of Student Government since Fall 2011, completing three terms in office. She has served as chair of Freshmen Council, as well as member of both Legislative and Drafting Committee, and Student Fee Review Committee. If elected as senator, Lola hopes to contribute to the overall campus experience by addressing student concerns, and ensuring the allocation of student fees to relevant student interests. She hopes her experiences so far in Student Government will help her effectively achieve these goals.

 Trinh Nguyen


 Riley Rose


 Jason Savidge


 Sinduja Seethapathy

Hai this is Sinduja Seethapathy, pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering. I would like to be as a Senator for the Student Government. I like to work with students. I was always been as a part of the committee to work for students. I was the president of my department in my bachelors. I loved organizing events and be with a diverse people. I want people to be aware of things, as there are many people who do not listen to the announcements, being a student myself, I know this. Finally I want to help students, do great things for the school, and make it a better place for us students.



 SACAB Representative


 Allie Kriese

Allie Kriese is a second year Creative Writing Major at CU Denver! In her first year of student government, she worked with the Finance and Funding Committee, and has come to understand the inner workings of the organization. This year, she is running for SACAB, and hopes to get a better understanding of how the Auraria campus functions tri-institutionally. 
Allie has worked in the CU Denver Office of Admissions as well as the CU Denver Office of University Communications writing articles about events and faculty achievements on campus. ​
Aside from work and organizational engagements, Allie loves painting, running, and reading everything she can get her hands on.4

 Jalen McKenna

Even before I was born I was primed to have a good scene of humor, my mother of Irish linage wanted to name me something that would reflect the Irish in me. The proposed name? Tyrone. To this day she fights that, it is Irish. Luckily my father said no, and they chose Jalen instead.My name is Jalen McKenna and I was born in Grand Junction on the other side of the Rockies. My mother, brother and I relocated to Denver when I was 7
and have called the city our home ever since. I graduated from Westminster
High in spring of 2013 and am just glad that I escaped what I now know as the eighth circle of hell. Then with big plans I came to UCD ready to blow the minds of Physicists everywhere and set the world of physics upside down! Then Calc. 2 came and sat me upon my arse. The whole math thing was not exactly "working" for me and so I am now trying
my hand out at the magnificent world of Philosophy and LOVING IT! Currently
playing video games is my past time (have you heard of League of Legends!?), and doing the whole workout thing is nice too. I am running for the position of SACAB because I was raised in an atmosphere which encouraged me to explore others views and help where I could, this possition would allow me to focus on getting UCD's clubs and sports the attention they all deserve!The position of SACAB would allow me to interact with the other schools as well and allowing me to assist not only
myself and my University but others and their Universities as too!


 Zach Lubline

Zach Lubline is an undergraduate student at CU Denver. He is currently pursuing a major in Philosophy, while also preparing for medical school. He is part of the BA/BS-MD, UPP, and UHL programs. Since before high school, Zach has pursued a career in medicine. He hopes to one day join an organization such as Doctors Without Borders and travel to another country and help those in grave need of medical attention. Zach has taken part in the Student Government Association for CU Denver for the past two years, serving one year, already, as a SACAB representative. He feels as if he learned the ropes his first year and knows he can make some real progress for students if he is elected to a second term. He hopes his leadership experience can benefit the campus and make him a better doctor, one day. In his free time, Zach enjoys spending time with family and working out, camping, and hanging with friends.


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