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Proclamation and Resolutions


One of the functions of the Legislation and Drafting committee is the responsibility to issue, draft and edit proclamations and resolutions. These documents are a reflection of the student will. Any student can write and come forward with a resolution or proclamation. If you have an idea for one you can also contact a CU Denver SGA representative and we will help you draft your idea into a resolution or proclamation.

A proclamation serves as a declaration of support for a particular issue whether local, state wide, or national. It is a document that shows solidarity with a particular issue at hand. For instance, if a national tragedy were to occur, and if a student, or a student representative felt it necessary that this issue should be recognized, then it would be appropriate to issue a proclamation. You can view an example bellow.

A resolution deals with immediate, action specifically for CU Denver students. If a student, or a student representative feels that a conflict has arisen in their institution and does not have a clear solution then that party can craft a resolution. A resolution will effectively identify and resolve that conflict through meetings via the Legislation and Drafting committee meeting with the proper offices, administrators, etc.​ 


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