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University of Colorado Denver

Office of Student Life

International Students

Health Insurance at the Downtown Campus

The University of Colorado Denver has a mandatory health insurance policy for all enrolled inter​national students in the non-immigrant visa categories of F-1 and J-1. While many other countries bear the expenses of health care for their residents, individuals in the United States are responsible for these expenses themselves. Health care in the US can be very costly and a single visit to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore it is important to have a good insurance policy that gives students access to medical facilities and provides protections against the high cost of healthcare.


 Understanding U.S. Health Care

All international students on F1 and J1 visa status who are enrolled in classes will automatically be enrolled on the CU Denver International Student Injury and Sickness plan. The insurance premium will be added each semester. Dependents can be added on the plan within 30 days of arrival or birth in the US. Students on OPT also have the option to enroll on this plan if they were enrolled in the semester immediately preceding OPT. Please contact the Health Insurance Office at 303-556-6273. 2014/15 CU Denver International Student Insurance Plan United Healthcare Policy # 2014-202710-4 
Student Insurance Rates:
​Fall (08/01/2014-12/31/2014) ​$966
​Spring/Summer (01/01/2015-07/31/2015) ​$1,337
​Summer (06/01/2015-07/31/2015; for new students only) ​$3​82
For benefits and dependent coverage please visit the brochure​​

CU Denver Waiver Policy: 

Students who have health insurance coverage that meets the University’s requirements may be able to waive the CU Denver Health Insurance plan. Waivers have to be submitted each Fall semester or during a student’s first semester and then every Fall semester thereafter. Throughout the semester student’s private insurance information will be re-audited and if an insurance plan is terminated the student will be charged with the CU Denver health insurance plan premium. Insurance waivers for Fall 2014 must be submitted no later than September 7th, 2014. Any waivers that are submitted after the before mentioned deadline will not be considered. Students who want to waive the University Insurance must have active insurance on the first day of the semester. Students will be able to start submitting their health insurance waiver on August 1st.

Submit your waiver here: International Student Health​ Insurance Waiver

Other Current Waiver Requirements:

  • Medical benefits of at least $200,000 per accident or illness; and
  • Repatriation in the amount of $25,000; and
  • Expenses associated with the medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to their home country in the amount of $50,000; and
  • Deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.

Important: The CU Denver International Student Insurance Waiver policy is currently being reviewed to ensure that insurance requirements meet current health insurance standards. Starting Spring 2015 this new policy will be enforced. Insurance that potentially qualified for waiving the CU Denver health insurance plan for Fall 2014 may no longer meet the new standards. Please make sure to update your policy or else you will be charged for the CU Denver insurance plan. Some of the plan changes starting Spring 2015 may include:
  • Medical benefits of at least $1,000,000.00
  • No limitations or exclusions to pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy)
  • Insurance must be provided by a US insurance carrier
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