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Special Events

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Recognized organizations have access to campus facilities for the purpose of fundraising and on-campus events. In January 1994, a special task committee representing the three academic institutions of the Auraria Higher Education Center adopted policies and procedures "Special Social Events". The policy was developed to promote efficient, safe, and orderly use of campus facilities.

Special Social Events

For purpose of this policy, a special social event is defined as an activity sponsored, co-sponsored or hosted by a recognized club/organization of the three academic institutions housed on the Auraria Campus for which the primary purpose is the promotion of social interaction. This may include, but is not limited to, dances and parties. The following elements will be considered for the planned activity:

  • Type of programming to warrant concern
  • Purpose of the event (dance, speaker, protest, etc.)
  • Number of expected participants
  • Money collected at the door or within the facility
  • Events taking place after regular business hours
  • Type of advertisement (general public vs. campus population)
  • History of previous events of this nature
  • Additional criteria as indicted in the complete policy
  • Events that pose a fire hazard, such as pyrotechnic displays.

Tivoli Facilities

Within the Tivoli, the two designated venues are the Turnhalle and Room 320 ABC. Special social events will not be scheduled in any other Tivoli facility, as they are not conducive to events of this nature.

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