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Office of Student Life

Registration Guidelines

Organization Finances

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Affiliated student organizations are entitled to funding by Student Government. Student Government has outlined the following policies and guidelines for funding.

Funding Requests

Organization funding requests will be evaluated based on the three (3) criteria listed below. The three criteria are as follows:

  1. Promotion/ Estimated Number of Participants Attending Event
    • Examples of effective promotion include fliers, email, and verbal notification both on and off campus. The type of event is taken into consideration when evaluating this criterion. Please note that conferences are not evaluated on advertising, but instead on the purpose of the conference and benefit to the student body.
    • The number of participants expected to attend each event and the proportion of organization members expected to attend also determines how organizations are evaluated in this category. Conferences are evaluated on the number and proportion of organization members expected to benefit from the conference.
  2. Itemized Budget

    A detailed itemized budget must outline all information regarding the event. Official estimates from the caterer and/or planned place of purchase and quote date are recommended. Items should be specifically categorized and must be typed on a separate piece of paper. The following specific items must be included in the itemized budget if applicable:

    • Food
      • Name and location of caterer
      • Clean-up charges and staffing costs (i.e. waiters, servers, etc.)
      • Food & beverage costs
      • Additional catering cost
    • Facilities
      • Location – Tivoli Student Union, King Center, Flagpole, St Cajaten’s Cathedral, etc.
      • Date and time
      • Facility costs, including after hours costs, and any other associated fees
      • Security costs
      • Clean-up costs
      • Equipment rental (i.e. tables, chairs, stage, sound system, etc.

        Please note that SGA does NOT fund equipment purchases.

  3. Location of Event: On Campus vs. Off Campus
    1. On Campus

      Events should be held on a date at a time that maximizes student attendance. Lower accessibility of an event is evaluated as a limitation. Limitations may include: fees, membership requirements, timing of event, location of event.

    2. Off Campus

      SGA does NOT fund off campus events, with the exception of conferences.
      Conferences are judged on the presentation and validation of hotel and registration information. This includes providing information on cost per person, cost of hotel rooms, alternative hotels in the conference area, and number of people staying in each room. Submission of an itinerary and information about what the registration fees cover must be included.

Sales Tax

A Sales Tax has gone to effect beginning this semester. the Sales Tax rate for Denver is 7.72%. This includes the following three parts:

  • 2.9% Colorado State Tax
  • 1.2% Composed of RTD (Regional Transportation District) 1%, CD (Scientific and Cultural Facilities District) 0.1%, and FD (Football District) 0.1%
  • 3.62% Denver City and County Tax Rate

To calculate the sales tax,

  1. Take amount, ie $100, and divide by 1.0072 = $92.83 (taxable base)
  2. Take total sales, $100, and subtract the taxable base, $92.83, = $7.17 (sales tax payable).

Please record the Total Sales in a revenue account and make JE to Dr. Revenue account for the amount of sales tax payable and Cr. Account Code 100400 sales tax payable.

Returning Organizations

Returning organizations are evaluated on additional Criteria

Returning organizations are organizations that have received funding or submitted a funding request form during the current academic year (August to May).

  • Management of Funds
    Organizations that spend their allocated funds on items that are not covered by SGA guidelines may be penalized. Please note that receipts from the event must be submitted within seven (7) days following the event.
  • Event Survey
    This criterion insures that organizations provide SGA or Finance Board feedback from every event. Failure to submit this form will result in a loss of points for your next SGA funding request.
  • Historical Success of Past Events
    The success of past events and the overall benefit to the student population and organization will be used in evaluating new funding requests.

Debt and Accounting


All organizations are required to maintain accurate financial records with the Office of Student Life. If an organization should end the fiscal year with a negative balance in their Self Generated Account, the Office of Student Life reserves the right to hold or suspend recognition until the debt is paid. Additional limitations on funding are subject to rules and regulations as outlined by Student Government.


The following processes must be followed once funds are awarded to an organization. Funds will remain in the Student Government account and can be used for reimbursements and other payments upon submission of proper receipts or invoices. The Office of Student Life is responsible for processing and submitting the necessary paperwork related to the use of these funds*. The following outline explains some of the procedures:

  1. Organizations receiving funding for supplies can pay for them out of pocket and submit original receipts to the Office of Student Life for reimbursement.
  2. Catering in the amount of $100 or more requires an Official Function Form prior to the event signed by the student organization advisor. Contact the Office of Student Life (303-556-3399) for more information.
  3. Organizations receiving travel funds must contact the Office of Student Life prior to the departure date. A Travel Authorization Form must be completed and a number assigned before reimbursement can be made. For prepaid conference registrations, the registration form along with the names of the attendees is required. Upon return, the individual(s) claiming reimbursement should submit all original receipts.
  4. Organizations that receive funding for contractual services (i.e., bands, speakers, etc) must contact the Office of Student Life prior to their events**. Contractual agreements paid out of pocket are not reimbursable.
  5. Funds are available two (2) weeks following the request date. Reimbursements are sent to the payee mailing address and are usually sent out within two (2) weeks from date of submission to Office of Student Life.

*Please be advised that no funds will be transferred to the student organization accounts. All checks will be mailed to the vendors/payees.*

**A W-9 form and a Scope of Work or Purchaser Order may be required for services provided. No organization or officers may contract with individuals/business on their own accord. All contracts with vendors are subject to University guidelines. Please contact the Office of Student Life before contracting with any vendor.**

Office of Student Life

Phone: 303-556-3399 • Fax: 303-556-3695

Street Address: 900 Auraria Parkway, Suite 303, Denver, CO 80204 • Mailing Address: Campus Box 83, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364


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