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University of Colorado Denver

Office of Student Life

Registration Guidelines

Organization Conduct

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Affiliated student organizations, their officers, members, and guests must comply with all federal, state, and city laws and codes and the current UC Denver Student Code of Conduct. Student organizations shall not conduct activities which interfere with or disrupt the educational activities of the university. Student organizations will be held responsible for the actions of the members and may receive disciplinary action upon review by either the UC Denver Office of Student Life or Student Government.

As an officially recognized UC Denver student organization, the officers and members assume responsibility for the organization and agree to the following:

  • We confirm our willingness to abide by all University guidelines, regulations, policies and student code of conduct.
  • We agree to notify the Office of Student Life immediately if and when the purpose of the organization changes.
  • We individually assume responsibility for all expenses incurred by the organization. In regard to debts incurred other than with the University, we acknowledge that we are responsible for the payment of such debts and that we may be held personally liable for any such debts. In regard to University bills, we acknowledge that we understand and are willing to abide by the University policy governing payment of University bills as stated by the Office of Student Life and Procurement Services.
  • We acknowledge that the University, in conjunction with AHEC, determines all matters related to security and exercises control over access to all University buildings.
  • In accordance with the University’s policy of equal opportunity, we acknowledge that our organization may not on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, or disability, exclude persons from participation in, deny persons the benefit of, or subject persons to discrimination under any of its educational programs or activities.
  • To abide by all University Fiscal Policies.

Office of Student Life

Phone: 303-556-3399 • Fax: 303-556-3695

Street Address: 900 Auraria Parkway, Suite 303, Denver, CO 80204 • Mailing Address: Campus Box 83, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364


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