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University of Colorado Denver

Office of Student Life

Media Equipment

Through Tivoli Student Union and the Auraria Media Center

The Tivoli Student Union and the Auraria Media Center have a variety of media equipment available for use within its scheduled facilities. Tivoli equipment may not be scheduled for use outside of the Tivoli building or grounds. Some equipment may require a trained technician to operate. Equipment requiring a technician must be reserved at least fourteen (14) business days in advance. There is a minimal per hour charge for the technician's time.

Additional conditions for use are:

  • Equipment is available for use in scheduled facilities of the Tivoli Student Union. Equipment must be requested at the time the space is requested.
  • Equipment is available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Equipment use is limited to organizations scheduling Tivoli Student Union facilities and may not be removed from the premises.
  • In the event that equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, the client who requested the equipment will be responsible for replacement or repair costs.
  • Clients may order additional equipment directly from the Campus Media Services Department. In the event the Campus Media Services equipment or other outside equipment providers are used, the client will be responsible for requesting additional set-up/tear down time, if required. The client will be responsible for paying additional facility rent charges for this expanded reservation period. Clients may be assessed an additional penalty fee if the set-up or tear down disrupts other scheduled events.
  • There is verifiable funding available for rental of equipment.
  • Violation of the above conditions and/or failure to pay debts incurred for this service will result in suspension of use privileges.

Office of Student Life

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