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Club Advisor Resources

Faculty/Staff Advisor (REQUIRED)

The Faculty/Staff Advisor is integral to establishing a positive relationship with students at the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver). The advisor assists the officers/members of the student organization in gaining knowledge and information for the organization to be successful at CU Denver.

All current CU Denver student organizations are required to have at least one (1) faculty/staff advisor. An advisor is defined as a full-time CU Denver employee: faculty, staff or administrator. Advisors play a key role in development of an organization and its individual members. Being an effective advisor requires developing a style that matches the organization's needs and goals. When developing this style, it is important to keep in mind the goals of the organization, the types of activities they are involved in, and the overall mission of CU Denver. Prior to agreeing to be an advisor, determine the role and time commitment required.

Taking an active role in the organization (attending the majority of meetings, events, meeting with officers on a regular basis, giving advice) does not mean that the advisor is running the organization. The day-to-day operations of the organization should remain the responsibility of the officers/members, not the advisor. The main objective of an advisor is to be available to guide and assist the officers/members in the mission and goals of the organization. Communication is essential and how active or passive the advisor's role should be negotiated between the advisor and organization prior to recognition.

In general:

  • The advisor should be familiar with the student organization's constitution/by-laws.
  • The advisor should attend at least one (1) of the student organization's regular meeting and events or regularly meet with the organization's officers.
  • The advisor should obtain information of events, programs meetings, and activities from the student organization involving potential liability.
  • The advisor should assist the student organization with the development of meeting agendas, feedback, and goal setting.
  • The advisor should nurture and development the students' leadership skills.
  • The advisor should model professional attitude and behaviors.
  • The advisor should provide continuity for the student organization.
  • The advisor should provide suggestions that lead to positive outcomes.
  • The advisor should be an advocate for student concerns.
  • The advisor should be familiar with the role/processes of the CU Denver.
  • The advisor should have a general knowledge of policies, regulations , and laws which are relevant to student organizations.
  • The advisor must be present at ALL AFTER HOURS EVENTS that the organization hold or designate an alternate staff/faculty member to attend the event.

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