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Rent Lockers for 2018-2019

Locker Rental in North Classroom

Books, jackets, boots, shoes, school supplies, backpacks--Are you frustrated that there isn't anyplace to store your stuff on campus? Now, there is! CU Denver Student Life rents lockers!

Who may rent a locker?

We rent our lockers to CU Denver, MSU Denver, CCD, and AHEC students, staff, and even faculty!

Where are the lockers that Student Life rents?

North Classroom, 3rd floor, south-east wall (the wall closest to the atriums which face the Science Building)

How much does each locker cost?
  • Top and Middle Rows: $15 per semester
  • Bottom Row (Also known as the knee busters): $10 per semester
  • Special: Rent 2 semesters, get the 3rd semester free!
  • CU Denver Student Discount: $5 per semester / $10 per year discount off our incredibly low prices!
    * * Valid CU Denver Student ID required to receive this discount * *
How do I rent a locker?
  1. (optional) Visit North Classroom 3rd floor south-east wall
  2. (optional) Take a picture of (or write) the locker number you want
  3. Bring $5 - $30 cash or personal check (exact change may be needed)
  4. Bring your Campus ID (No campus ID = no locker)
  5. Visit Tivoli 303 (CU Denver Student Life and Campus Community) weekdays between 9 - 4 (If the above times do not work, then e-mail to arrange another time)
Why do you rent lockers in North Classroom when you are in the Tivoli Student Union?

That is a great question! We just do.​​​​​​​​​​​​​