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Rent Lockers for 2018-2019

Locker Rental in North Classroom

Are you frustrated that there isn't anyplace to store your books, jackets, boots, shoes, school supplies, backpacks on campus? There is! CU Denver Student Life rents lockers!

Who may rent a locker?

We rent our lockers to CU Denver, MSU Denver, CCD, and AHEC students, staff, and even faculty!

Where are the lockers that Student Life rents?

North Classroom, 3rd floor, south-east wall (the wall closest to the atriums which face the Science Building)

How much does each locker cost?
  • Top and Middle Rows: $15 per semester
  • Bottom Row (also known as knee busters): $10 per semester
  • Special: Rent 2 semesters, get the 3rd semester free! Semesters must be consecutive.
  • CU Denver Student Discount: $5 per semester / $10 per year discount off our incredibly low prices!
    * * Valid CU Denver Student ID required to receive this discount * *
How do I rent a locker?
  1. (optional) Visit North Classroom 3rd floor south-east wall to take a picture of (or write) the locker number you want
  2. Prepare $5 - $30 cash or personal check (exact change may be needed)
  3. Carry your Campus ID (No campus ID = no locker)
  4. Visit Tivoli 303 (CU Denver Student Life and Campus Community) weekdays between 9 - 4 (If the above times do not work, then e-mail to arrange another time)
Why do you rent lockers in North Classroom when you are in the Tivoli Student Union?

That is a great question! We just do.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​