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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Health

Student Insurance Office

Anschutz Medical Campus Students

  • To waive insurance for the Summer 2017, please visit:
  • Waiver deadline is June 30th. 
  • The charge for Student Health Insurance will be removed from your bill once your waiver has been approved. 
  • If you are a new student starting this fall or a continuing student, the portal will open in late summer and you will receive an email at that time to waive. 
  • To be eligible to waive, your health plan must meet ALL of the following criteria: 
        • ​​Does your plan have In-Network non-emergent care providers in the Denver metropolitan area? 
        • ​​Is your In-Network deductible $3,000 single or a $6,000 family deductible or less?
        • ​​Does your plan have Mental Health parity (i.e. covers mental health as any other sickness)?
        • ​​Does your plan cover Preventative Care at 100% with no cost to the insured?
        • ​​Does your plan cover Pre-Existing Conditions? Maternity? Transgender Services? (*If you answer “no” to any of the three questions, you must answer “no.” Unless your policy specifically excludes transgender services in writing, your insurance will provide these services.*) 
        • ​​Does your plan cover prescriptions?
        • ​​Does your plan meet Minimum Essential Coverage as defined in PPACA? Will your plan provide to you a 1095B indicating that you maintained the appropriate coverage to meet the mandate for coverage? 


The University is waiting for the state to approve the new student health insurance plan, coverage, and pricing. Once approval is received, this information will be communicated with students. 

Summer 2017 Coverage 

  • Students will receive an email and link to the enrollment portal before the end of June 
  • Coverage will be retroactive back to June 1st, 2017. Any out-of-pocket medical expenses you incur that are covered by insurance can be reimbursed.
  • Cost is $1,221.00 (or less) 

Coverage starting Fall 2017

  • New students starting this fall or continuing students will receive an email at that time to enroll and be able to access the portal in late summer.  
  • Coverage will begin August 1st, 2017. 

The University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Student Health Insurance Plan is an annual, full-service medical insurance plan tailored to the needs of our students. The plan is underwritten by UnitedHealthCare and administered by AmeriBen. To waive insurance for the Summer 2017, please  visit:
How does it work?
ALL STUDENTS at the Anschutz Medical campus​ taking 1 or more credit hours will automatically be enrolled on our Plan A coverage (low deductible plan, see details below). You may change your enrollment to Plan B (high deductible plan) by contacting the student insurance office. The insurance premium will be added to your tuition. Once your insurance is active you will receive an ID card as well as access to your account at where you will be able to view benefits, download your ID card, or find a provider.
What if I have coverage through an outside insurance company?​​
You can waive out of the student insurance plan by filling out an insurance waiver. Your personal insurance must meet all the requirements stated under “waiving health insurance” in order to be approved. Waivers have to be submitted each year before the stated deadlines.   
What about dependents?
We currently do not offer the option of enrolling dependents on our student insurance plan. We recommend contacting the Colorado Healthcare Exchange or reach out to one of their certified brokers to find suitable care. Additionally the insurance providers below offer a range of plans in Colorado :

Downtown Campus Students

If you are attending the Downtown Campus and have insurance questions please call 303-556-6273 or visit the Student Life web site.

Office of Student Health

Phone: 303-724-7674

Street Address: Education II, North, Room #3213


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