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Colorado Area Health Education Center, University of Colorado Denver

Team AHEC Courage Classic Bike Ride

2011 Courage Classic Training Rides

This year our Team Captain, John Sladek, is organizing our Team AHEC training rides. Below you will find photos and updates about the training and celebrations of out Team AHEC successes so far!

Training Ride One
May 29, 2011

The weather was great and 7 members of Team AHEC enjoyed scenery that included elk up close, snow capped Mt. Evans, and Evergreen Lake (pictured L-R: Leigh Anne, John, Celia, Cynthia, Gaye and Drew). We were joined by our neighbor Bill Yearsley who took the picture and who we hope will join us for the Classic.

And another pic shows Celia and Leigh Anne at the top of an 8% on our road; nice job!

All the best,


Training Ride Two
May 31, 2011

Good Morning Team AHEC,

We had two good rides this weekend with 7 members each on Sunday and Monday. Thought you might like to see some pics from Monday including our new Evergreen Lake "mascots".

The idea of the rides is to help get us acquainted before the Courage and also to get ready for the miles ahead.

Left to right on training ride 2.1 pic are: Jay, Joe, Celia, Abigail, John, Stefan and Dan, taken in our driveway with Mt Evans in the background. It was a splendid Colorado blue sky day with a nice "breeze" to help us get in shape!

Also, we decided to ride each weekend so watch for details on the nest ride; coming soon. Suggestions are welcome for those who have favorite rides.

Almost forgot, the Classic is almost full so if you have anyone you'd like to recruit please do so now!

All the best


Congrats to Rachel Simpson
May 31, 2011

Dear Riders,

One of our team members, Rachel Simpson, just rode the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic this weekend 50 miles from Durango to Silverton. They race the train...and she beat that old steam locomotive. Great Job Rachel!

And here's the best part...she rode wearing Team AHEC colors (pics attached).

All the best,


ps if you’re wondering about why so many team messages this morning, well, I’m tired and sitting at my desk! But it’s a good tired.

Great News
Thursday June 2, 2011

Team AHEC is now #9 in fundraising among 147 teams and I imagine we will continue to rise as more of us start to ask friends, family and colleagues for support, especially since we are the fifth largest team at 52 strong.

Click Here to see how we compare.

Hats off to all who have generated donations so far and for those who have yet to start the process, go for it, it's easier than you might think!

Special appreciation to Gaye ($950), Amy ($905), Matt ($745), Rion ($500), Judy Campbell ($360), Dan ($330), Celia ($300), Karen ($300) Jennifer ($210) and many more (Jane, Julie, Amanda, John T. Zeljko, James, Joe S. and Megan) in the $50-200 range who have started their fundraising drives.

Hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Thanks everyone and keep up the great work!

All the best,


Ride #4 Report
Sunday June 5, 2011

We had a great ride today with 15 members of Team AHEC and a few others from Team Evergreen who happened to join us for a while.

Looks like folks want to ride each week, so stay tuned for details for next week.

Here are some pics to help coax the rest who are free on the weekends to join the scenery and 16 miles of ascent from Dumont to Bakerville (and a little beyond to the snow) should help get us acclimated for the climbs and the altitude.

Left to right for 'Snowtime" (yes, we are sending snowballs to Joe Sandoval who took the picture) Stefan, Judy, Andreas, Dan, Julie, Kristin, Mitch, Gaye, Celia and John.

And for 'Bakerville" (by the water), John, Gaye. Judy, Julie, Andreas, Mitch, Celia and Kristin.....Jay, Stefan and Dan were way ahead, hitting speeds of 50MPH on the descent from Bakerville.

The third image of the "peleton" has Gaye and Joe in the lead. Doesn't that make you want to ride in the mountains?

Great job team and only one flat for a combined 480 miles of riding.

See you next weekend.

All the best,

John and Celia

P.s. Celia got a new trek Madone, and Kristin was riding her 1975 red Raleigh...and both were awesome!

New Member and Fundraising News
Tuesday June 14, 2011

Dear Team AHEC,
Please welcome our newest team member, Elizabeth Rosenblum who joined today. Elizabeth, please feel free to introduce yourself to the rest of us.

We had another excellent ride on Sunday from Kermits (I-70 and Rt 6) to Bakerville which is about 50 miles and close to 2800ft of elevations gain. The ride on the frontage road along Clear Creek was fun also because Team Evergreen was riding from Idaho Springs to the top of Loveland Pass and back. We saw perhaps 50 or so riders training for the Triple Bypass.

So to all you who rode the Denver Century on was it?

I've attached a pic from along Clear Creek (L-R Celia, John, Cyndy, Amy, Megan and Jay) Joe took the picture and Judy was way ahead of us somewhere! That's Loveland Pass in the background. It was a Chamber of Commerce Day.

Since Sunday is Fathers Day we may not have an organized ride, but let us know how you feel...I'm good to go as a Dad and Grand Dad...nice way to celebrate.

Almost forgot, we are now # 8 among 144 teams in fund raising for Children's Hospital having just passed Saunders Construction...keep it up Team.

All the best


Lake Dillon
June 25, 2011

Dear Team AHEC,

We had a good weekend and special thanks to Amy for taking over on Saturday and dealing with several flats. Sorry that I couldn't be there to help, but I had a family obligation out of town. On Sunday we rode from Lake Dillon, around the west side up Swan Mountain and then headed to Frisco, Copper Mountain, and Vail Pass. Our mileage ranged from 42-55 and I'm guessing we did over 3,000 ft of climbing. All in all, a good tune up for the Courage Classic. I’ll post some pictures in the next mailing.

On a fundraising note, special appreciation goes out to all who have been helping to push Team AHEC to #8 (Jack and Beth, can you believe that?) currently among the 144 teams. Great job folks and lets keep it going. It's all about the kids and every dollar you raise helps a child in need. And we encourage those who have not begun their fundraising (please remember, we each agreed to raise the $300 minimum that is due when we pick up our ride packages on July 22/23) to begin as soon as possible. We’re nip and tuck with team CMC in friendly competition for the children.

The remaining three weekends schedule is as follows:

Sunday, July 3. Leadville/Turquoise Lake Loop. Details to follow about meeting spot and time, but this one will help with altitude training and it is a beautiful ride.

Sat or Sunday July 9/10. Ride Leader needed. Celia and I have commitments that weekend so we are looking for a ride leader. Pick your favorite ride and lead the team on. Please let me know so that we can get this one posted.

Sunday July 17. Evergreen ride and picnic at 8,000ft at our home
. All are welcome including friends and family who might like to ride with us on this final tune-up for the Classic. Details to follow but we can park at our home and head out from there.

One month to go folks. Get in your miles and if possible, join us for the rides. It’s been fun and rewarding to meet and ride with so many of you prior to the “Classic.”

All the best,


Leadville/Turquoise Lake Loop
Sunday, July 3

Meet in the parking lot off 6th street at the High School in Leadville at 10am. We’ll ride west for four miles on Turquoise Lake Rd and then do the 18 mile loop around the lake in a counter clockwise direction.

This is a challenging, but beautiful ride that will help with altitude training and it traces part of the route of day 3 of the Classic.

Hope you can make it and if so, please RSVP.

Thanks and have a great holiday everyone,


p.s. Red, white, and blue riding jerseys will be welcome!

Jerseys have been ordered

Ok Team AHEC, here's a sneak preview of our terrific new jerseys for 2011. Remember, you get one as part of your registration thanks to AHEC and their sponsors.

Dan Navarro (one of our riders) is the artist and has done a great job again this year...thanks Dan

C’mon out and ride with us and maybe we’ll show you more!


P.s. And for those of us who are fashion conscious, the color this year is green in honor of the Southeastern Colorado AHEC.

Leadville/Turquoise Lake Loop
Sunday, July 3

Wondered if anyone noticed that...actually Levi is in France for a few weeks and sent his best wishes! John

We did have a fun ride and although our numbers were low (expectedly so because of the holiday and distance) we got in some good training. The lake was quite beautiful (please see attached pics).

Check out that Team AHEC jersey on Stefan!

And on a fundraising note, we now are over $15K and closing in on our traget...great job folks and let’s keep it going.


Sunday Ride and BBQ
Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Team AHEC,

We are closing in on the Courage Classic and I hope you're getting in peak form...if not, you still have an opportunity to ride at altitude this Sunday from Evergreen to the top of Squaw Pass on the road to Mt Evans. This is the first leg of the Triple Bypass and I did it twice this if I can do it I know you can too!

The scenery is outstanding (pics attached from this weekend) and the ride from Bergen Park is 15 miles up and then 15 more on a fun descent back. It includes about 3500 ft of climbing. We can meet either at the house at 8:30am (another 5 miles and 800 ft of climb) or at the Park and Ride at Bergen Park at 9:00. If you prefer the latter we'll pick you up on the way. The RTD Park and Ride is at Evergreen Parkway and CR65 which is one stoplight north of hwy103 (the road to Mt Evans).

From the top of the pass the faster riders can descend to Echo Lake (a couple of miles) and return to greet the rest of us (me included) for the descent back to Bergen Park.

Our home is 2307 Wieler Rd, Evergreen 80439 and we'll have plenty for food and drink starting at around 1pm.

Hope you can make it...last time to meet the team before the Classic.

All the best,



Dear Team AHEC,

First, please pat yourselves on the back because we just reached out target of $20,000 raised for Children's Hospital. Great job, but keep it up...we still have some riders working on meeting their pledge to raise $300 prior to the event and others are pushing hard to increase their please don't let up because of this good news. TCH needs all the dollars we can raise. Thanks Rachel for letting me know about this.

Second, remember that we have our final team ride planned for this Sunday up the first climb of the Triple Bypass from Bergen Park to Squaw Pass. You can choose to start either at our home at 8:30am or from the RTD Park and Ride at Bergen Park at 9am. The BBQ will be at our home afterwards and we are guaranteeing great weather, no storms, and blue skies...really!

Third, I'm really pleased to announce that my favorite Pro Cycling Team, Jelly Belly p/b Kenda, has been invited to the Pro Challenge in Colorado in August and that we have arranged for the team to stay at our home and those of our neighbors for the two weeks prior to the race so that they can train at altitude and ride some of the stages in advance of the race. Here's the fun part; they would be happy to have us guide them on some of the local rides; e.g. Squaw Pass, Lookout Mountain, Vail Pass etc so if you are interested in riding with them please let me know so that I can help coordinate this activity. And stay tuned for a combined get together with Team AHEC and Team Jelly Belly at our home in August! You can meet the riders, check out their bikes, and admire their team cars and vans that are painted with giant jelly beans! And bring your cameras!

Thanks for all you are doing for this great event, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday and then at the Courage Classic (logistical details to follow)

All the best,


American Flyers

Good Morning Team AHEC,

Looking forward to riding with about 24 of us tomorrow and thought it might be good to attach a map to our place for those doing the slightly longer ride. So, 8:30 at our place and 9:00 at the Park and Ride.

Also, the RTD Park and Ride is at Bergen Park so as you exit I-70 on the Evergreen Parkway go past the first Park and Ride (at the El Rancho Intersection) and stay on the Parkway for a few miles until Bergen Park and it will be on your left side and is highly visible.

Also....does anyone have a DVD of the classic film "American Flyers" that was filmed where we will be riding? If so, please bring it and we’ll run it on the flat screen during our party.

See you in the morning...bring clothes to change into for the party and also for the hot tub if you care to sooth those actin and myosin fibrils.

All the best

John and Celia

Ps friends, family et al are welcome to join us....


reen to Squaw Pass
Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a great ride from Evergreen to Squaw Pass and for some, on to Echo Lake. We had 26 riders and the sight of you all heading out down our road for the descent to Kerr Gulch and then the first Cat 1 climb was impressive. Also watching us stretch out along the Evergreen Parkway was pretty cool too. I'll send some pics in the next mailing and also put some on my Facebook page later tonight or tomorrow.

We hope everyone had a good time. I know we were short on water so Celia, the expert on water balance and vasopressin, recommends drinking water tonight (duh) while I prefer beer (which she claims its dehydrating). You pick, but I'm sure she's right.

Joe and Judy, thanks for bring “Colorado Native” and many thanks also to Cyndy, Angela and everyone else who brought all the good things to eat.

Just a couple of housekeeping matters.

1. On Friday please check into the conference center at Copper to pick up your registration stuff from the Courage Classic organizers and also stop by Beth Ingram's Condo for your AHEC Jerseys and other treats. I am sure Beth will send out info this week.

2. I believe students all stay at the Lodge at Copper which is just west of Center Village and not far from the American Flyer lift. Students who rode last year tell me that there are cooking facilities so you can do your breakfasts and dinners there too.

3. If you need a ride to Leadville on Saturday morning please communicate with each other to try to make those arrangements. I know several of you need to get back Sunday night for exams. You should have everyone's email via the address list for this message so let us know who needs a ride and hopefully we can get everyone taken care of. Please try to make arrangements, but let me know if you need help.

4. It's good to start as early in the morning as possible especially on the first day from Leadville so that you don't hit Vail Pass at the hottest time of day. How about we try to assemble at the high school for a 7am group picture in our cool new jerseys and then depart. It will be in the 40's according to the long range forecast early in the morning, but in the mid 70's in the afternoon. Dress accordingly.

5. The aid stations are many and well stocked so there's ample food and drink along the way. But definitely carry two water bottles. Spare tubes, pumps or CO2 cartridges, tools for seat adjustments are good to have and we'll provide Sport Beans to everyone for each day that can be picked up on Friday night with your jerseys.

6. We have our official team picture on Sunday at 4:30pm in the plaza just west of the main circle, followed by our team dinner at Jack’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

More to follow this week. Remember to get your $300 pledge raised by the time you pick up your stuff at the registration on Friday (or Sat. morning) and lets have a safe ride.....especially on the descents where a rider from Missouri lost his life on the Tour of Colorado last month. Even I'm going to take it easy this year!

You’re a great group and we’re proud and honored to be able to ride with you and for the Children who benefit from all your hard work.

All the best


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