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Assessment Concepts

How do rubrics relate to Assessment?

As faculty members, most of us are subject matter experts with little or no training as educators. When we begin teaching, we teach our students in the ways we were taught; we test our students in the ways we were tested. But these "tried and true" methods are not always the best choice. Pencil and paper tests, for example, are not always the best way to measure student learning. When you know more about assessment you can improve learning for your students. When you know about rubrics you have another tool for assessment.

When do I use a rubric? When it's the right tool for the job.

Rubrics are a tool you should add to your assessment toolbox. Knowing when to use your rubric tool requires understanding a little about assessment concepts such as authentic assessment, criterion- and norm-referenced tests, reliability, and validity so let's get our vocabulary straight.

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