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Retired Faculty Association

Retired Faculty

Anschutz Medical Campus

Officers and Members

​Officers of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Retired Faculty Association:

  • President- Louis Diamond, PhD
  • Vice President- William Arend, MD
  • Past President (2012-2013)- Judy Igoe, RN, MS, FAAN
  • Executive Committee Members- Dr. William Marine, Dr. Bruce Paton, and Dr. Theodore Eickhoff


Active Members of the Anschutz Medical Campus RFA for 2013-2014.  If you wish to contact one of our RFA members, send your email or postal communication to the RFA Office and we will forward it to our latest address for the member.


​Philip G Archer

William Arend​

Richard Bakemeier​

Florence Blager​

​Clark Bublitz

Leslie Burrows​

Bonnie Camp​

Henry Claman​

​Earnest Cotton

Lou Diamond​

Marion Downs​

Theodore Eickoff​

​Phillip Ellis

​Jack Q Gallagher

​Marvin Goldfogel

​Ron Gotlin

​W.E. Hathaway

​Martin Hutt

​Judy Igoe

​George Krikos

​Robert Lasher

Michael Lepore​

Edgar Makowski​

William Marine​

​Mary Murphy

Werner Mosimann​

Ida Nakashima​

Audrey Nora​

​James Nora

​Ruth O'Brien

Miriam Orleans​

Martin Pato​

​Bruce Paton

Richard Pearson​

Jerry Perry​

Oscar Reiss​

​Walden Roberts

Robert Schlenker​

Stuart Schneck​

James Shira​

​Richard Simons

Janet Stewart-Claman​

Donald Stilson​

Johann Stoyva​

​John Jr Struthers

David Talmage​

Austin L Taylor​

E Stewart Taylor​

​Margaret Topf

David Whitlock​

Peggy Whitlock​

Robert Willard​

​William Jr Wilson

Gary Zerbe​

Carl Zimet​

Sara Zimet​

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