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Policies and Guidelines

University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

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Policy #Policy NameCategoryAdditional Keywords
3030    "Named" Spaces Transition GuidelineGeneral Administration
7020Academic InternshipsStudent Affairs
7016Academic Probation and Suspension for UndergraduatesStudent Affairs
5001    Acceptable Use of Information Technology ResourcesInformation Technology
Computers, Mobile, Internet, Access
3031Access and Use of Building Patios, Balconies, Decks and RoofsGeneral Administration
3032Access Control and Physical Security StandardsGeneral Administration
2037    Accounting for a Deposit of Gifts, 4-14Finance
2008Accounts ReceivableFinance
1013Administrator's Salary on Return to the FacultyAcademic & Faculty Affairs
3015Admittance of Minors to Hazardous AreasGeneral Administration
3050Alcohol ServiceGeneral Administration
3051Animals on CampusGeneral Administration
dogs, cats, pets
2039Anschutz Medical Campus Major Art and Art DonationsFinance
4005    Anti-ViolenceHuman Resources
4014Applicants for Faculty and Exempt Professional EmploymentHuman Resources
2015Application and Proposal Approval Process for Sponsored Projects, 4-5Finance
3003Authority Having Jurisdiction for Fire Prevention and Life Safety, 103-020General Administration
3004Authority Having Jurisdiction for Fire Prevention and Life Safety, 103-020General Administration
3014Authority Having Jurisdiction for Fire Prevention and Life Safety, 103-020General Administration
2016Awards or Subcontracts with State of Colorado Agencies, 4-19Finance
7032Background Investigation Policy for Residents and Students in Health Science ProgramsStudent Affairs
4012Background InvestigationsHuman Resources
6003Bloodborne Pathogens, Exposure Control & Hepatitis B VaccinationResearch
7013Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation (CARE) TeamStudent Affairs
4015Campus ClosuresHuman Resources
Snow, Emergency, Downday
3016CanvassingGeneral Administration
2004Cash Receipts and DepositsFinance
4027Chancellor's Equal Opportunity Policy StatementHuman Resources
Equity, Fair, Treatment
2033Check CashingFinance
3001Child Protection PolicyGeneral Administration
safety, minors, children, background check, behavior, kids
1022Clinical Teaching Track Faculty AppointmentsAcademic & Faculty Affairs
​clinical teaching track​
2009Clinical Trials, 4-1Finance
2011Closeout of Sponsored Projects, 4-6Finance
closeout, financial status report, FSR, financial report review process
7033Colorado Community College Transfer GuaranteeStudent Affairs
articulation agreement, 60 plus 60
4020Compensation for Classified StaffHuman Resources
salary increase, salary setting, counteroffer, compression, equity, promotional increase, additional pay, signing bonus, FLSA, secondary employment, in range movements, discretionary pay differentials, delayed promotional, referral award, salary ranges, referral award
4017Compensation for Officers and Exempt ProfessionalsHuman Resources
salary setting, promotions, incentive pay, recognition awards, pay incentives, temporary pay, signing bonus, salary ranges, non-base building, base building, annual salary setting process, merit pay, merit pay adjustments
1007Compensation Principles for Tenure and PromotionAcademic & Faculty Affairs
3033Construction and Modifications Code ComplianceGeneral Administration
5004Content Management Web Development ProceduresInformation Technology
2038Cost AllocationsFinance
indirect cost allocation, general administrative recharge, GAR, general infrastructure recharge, GIR, administrative overhead, facilities overhead
2002Cost Sharing, 4-8Finance
cost share, in-kind contributions, mandatory cost share, obligatory cost share, voluntary cost share
2018Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects, 4-12Finance
cost transfer, journal entry, JE, payroll expense transfer, PET
1030Courses Taught in Faculty Homes and Other Private ResidencesAcademic & Faculty Affairs
7028Credit and Non-Credit Courses and ProgramsStudent Affairs
2019Credit Card AcceptanceFinance
2028CU Foundation Draw Down, 4-3Finance
request for transfer of funds
7021Dean's List Criteria for Undergraduate StudentsStudent Affairs
academic honors
1000    Degree Program Review--ForthcomingAcademic & Faculty Affairs
program review panel, PRP, external review
7001    Denver Campus Enrollment and BillingStudent Affairs
drop, add, tuition advance
3017Denver Campus Posting, Announcement, Sign and Display Procedure and Approval ProcessGeneral Administration
​window clings, flyers, notices, advertisements, banners, install, easels
1012Differentiated Annual WorkloadsAcademic & Faculty Affairs
differentiated workload, workload assignment
2013Direct Charges to Federally Sponsored Projects, 4-7Finance
4028Disability AccommodationHuman Resources
ADA, accommodation, disability discrimination
7004Disruptive Behavior PolicyStudent Affairs
disruptive student behavior; student resources
1010Distinguished ProfessorshipsAcademic & Faculty Affairs
faculty honors
2040Distribution of Technology Transfer IncomeFinance
technology transfer income, royalty revenue, intellectual property income distribution
1037Domestic Travel Policy for Faculty and Staff - Travel Involving Students or OthersAcademic & Faculty Affairs
domestic travel, travel, domestic, student, faculty, overnight, off-campus, non-university
4003Drug and Alcohol InformationHuman Resources
3002Duty to Report Criminal and Threatening BehaviorGeneral Administration
​threats, attack, intimidation, aggressive, violent, violence
3005Elevator Emergency ProceduresGeneral Administration
4021Employee Discounts, Referral Sources, and ResourcesHuman Resources
discount program, work life, employee resources
4007Employee Fringe Benefit PoolsHuman Resources
fringe benefit pools, workers' compensation, unemployment, termination pay, separation pay, vacation payout, sick leave payout, retiree health insurance, fringe benefits
4008Employee Tuition WaiversHuman Resources
4022Employment Eligibility Verification - Form I-9Human Resources
capital equipment, furniture, disposal, gift in kind
2020Establishing a Sponsored Project Without an Award Document, 4-10Finance
pre-award costs, pre-award, pre-activated award authorization, check deposit request
3000    Establishing Campus Administrative PoliciesGeneral Administration
writing polices, establishing policies
2006Establishing New Programs or Projects in the General LedgerFinance
chartfield, speedtype, program, project, account, fund, org
3052Exclusion of Persons from University PropertyGeneral Administration
4006Expanded Faculty Housing Assistance ProgramHuman Resources
home loans, purchase of home, financial assistance, home purchase
2041Expenditure Contracts and/or Sub-agreements Under Sponsored AwardsFinance
subcontracts, prime awards, interagency agreements, delegated
6002Export Control ComplianceResearch
export, control, EAR, ITAR, OFAC, liabilities, regulations, research, academic, volunteers, trainees, visiting, scholars, boards, foreign, deemed, exception
3018Expressive ActivitiesGeneral Administration
freedom of speech, freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, civility on campus, noise
2044External Gift Management and Institutional IntegrityFinance
Free, Accept, Money
2027Facilities and Administrative Costs, 4-4Finance
facilities and administrative costs, F&A, negotiated rate agreement, waiver, cost recovery distribution, on-campus, off-campus, total direct costs, modified total direct costs, clinical trials, rebudgeting, residual balance
3034Facilities Operations Building Maintenance ResponsibilitiesGeneral Administration
3035Facilities Use by Employees and StudentsGeneral Administration
appropriate use of facilities, space, external entities, outside organizations, rent, lease, alcohol, animals, pets
3036Facilities Use by External EntitiesGeneral Administration
appropriate use of facilities, space, service to external entities, outside organizations, public sales, use of University equipment, alcohol, animals, pets
1005Faculty Compensation - AMCAcademic & Faculty Affairs
additional compensation, additional remuneration, additional pay, faculty salries, salary grievance procedure, administrative appointment, teaching overload, housing allowance, automobile allowance, 1/9th, honoraria, moving allowance, extamural funding, recognition awards, incentive pay, summer pay, 1/6th, salary setting process, chancellor's action
1006Faculty Compensation - CU DenverAcademic & Faculty Affairs
additional compensation, additional remuneration, additional pay, salary setting process, faculty salaries, salary grievance procedure, administrative appointments, teaching overload, award and incentive programs, summer pay, summer compensation, 1/6th, additional remuneration for consultative services, honoraria, 1/9th, 3/9th
1011Faculty Emeritus and Emerita DesignationAcademic & Faculty Affairs
1021Faculty Hires with Tenure - CU DenverAcademic & Faculty Affairs
RTP review, faculty hires with tenure, faculty hires with tenure
7022Fall and Spring Semester BreaksStudent Affairs
4023Family and Medical Leave for Classified StaffHuman Resources
job protection, fitness to return
4024Family Medical Leave for Faculty and Exempt Professional StaffHuman Resources
job protection, fitness to return, parental leave policy
7034Final Exam WeekStudent Affairs
​final exam, exam schedule, exam schedule conflicts
7036Financial Aid Awarded by Schools, Programs and DepartmentStudent Affairs
3006Fire and Life Safety Policies and Procedures WebpageGeneral Administration
6001    Food and Drink PolicyResearch
eating, drinking, labs, laboratories
7023Four Year Graduation GuaranteeStudent Affairs
2007Gift CardsFinance
gift cards, gift certificates, money orders, study subject compensation, participation incentive, recognition awards, internal controls, segregation of duties, study subject payments
2029Gifts Received from The Children's Hospital (TCH) 4-18Finance
7008Graduate Student Assistantships and Tuition RemissionStudent Affairs
7017Graduation DeadlinesStudent Affairs
commencement, cap and gown, diploma
1008Guidelines and Checklist for Inter-Departmental and Inter-School Transfers of FacultyAcademic & Faculty Affairs
​unit checklist
7005    Guidelines for Assisting Students with Pregnancy and ParentingStudent Affairs
pregnancy, pregnancy leave, parenting, Title IX​
2017Guidelines for Contracts with Other State of Colorado Agencies, 4-15Finance
state agencies, cost reimbursement, fixed price, fixed rate
4016Hiring Process for Classified StaffHuman Resources
selection process, recruitment process
1002Hiring Process for Full Time FacultyAcademic & Faculty Affairs
4013Hiring Process for Officers and Exempt ProfessionalsHuman Resources
selection process, recruitment process, search waiver
4018HolidaysHuman Resources
alternate holidays, floating holidays
7002Institutional Student Fee PlanStudent Affairs
student, fees
2001    Internal Service Centers & Core LaboratoriesFinance
7010International Student Health Insurance Requirements and Waiver ProcessStudent Affairs
1035International Travel Policy for Faculty and StaffAcademic & Faculty Affairs
​travelers, compliance, abroad, countries, regions, foreign,
7015International Travel Policy for StudentsStudent Affairs
student travel, international, experiential learning, global study, global education, unaffiliated travelers, destinations
4010Layoffs of Classified StaffHuman Resources
4009Leave Sharing for Classified Staff, Officers, Exempt Professionals and Faculty on Twelve-Month AppointmentsHuman Resources
7007Medical Withdrawal PolicyStudent Affairs
7018Missing Residential Student Notification PolicyStudent Affairs
3037Modification or Securing of Exit Doors & PassagewaysGeneral Administration
3053Monitoring Research and Clinical EquipmentGeneral Administration
2012Moving and Relocation Expense ReimbursementFinance
moving reimbursement, relocation
1027    Multi-Year Contracts for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members and LibrariansAcademic & Faculty Affairs
4004NepotismHuman Resources
1015New Faculty OrientationAcademic & Faculty Affairs
7031Non-Degree Students - Signature AuthorityStudent Affairs
3054Nondiscrimination Policy and ProceduresGeneral Administration
discrimination, harassment, hostile environment, retaliation, reporting violations
1028Non-Tenure Track Faculty Performance ReviewsAcademic & Faculty Affairs
7009Official Measures of English Language Proficiency for Admission of International StudentsStudent Affairs
3055Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)General Administration
​drones, UAS, flying air traffic, FAA, aircraft, unmanned, model, plane
7024Outcomes AssessmentStudent Affairs
learning outcomes
1036Oversight of International Travel by Faculty, Staff and StudentsAcademic & Faculty Affairs
4002Parental LeaveHuman Resources
paid leave, unpaid leave, FMLA, faculty, staff, birth, adoption, children, child
3056ParkingGeneral Administration
5005PasswordInformation Technology
4019Payments of Unused Sick and Vacation Leave for Separating EmployeesHuman Resources
leave payouts
3057Personally Identifiable Information - Open Records ActGeneral Administration
1050Post Tenure ReviewAcademic & Faculty Affairs
accountability, peer review, below expectations, PIA, professional improvement agreement, triggered review, development fund award
7025Posthumous Academic DegreesStudent Affairs
student, die, death
4001    Procedure for Hiring Six Month Temporary EmployeesHuman Resources
six month temp
1025Program Discontinuance for Internally Initiated Program Discontinuance When Tenure or Tenure-track Faculty Face DismissalAcademic & Faculty Affairs
2021    Program Income, 4-11Finance
additive, matching, deduction
2025Property Insurance CoverageFinance
insurance, property losses
1023Protected Class DataAcademic & Faculty Affairs
2042Real Estate Management-Space Acquisition and UseFinance
real estate, space rental, lease, tenant
1004Reappointment, Tenure, and PromotionAcademic & Faculty Affairs
3058Relocation Services GuidelinesGeneral Administration
moving, relocating
1003Research and Creative Work SupportAcademic & Faculty Affairs
​faculty, support, F&A
4011Research Assistant / Associate (PRA) Hiring ProcessHuman Resources
4025Research Assistant/Associate (PRA) - CU AnschutzHuman Resources
1009Research Postdoctoral Fellows/TraineesAcademic & Faculty Affairs
​trainees, graduate school
3038Research Space PolicyGeneral Administration
2005Reserve Funds and Reserve Fund TransfersFinance
2030Retaining Residual Income from Federal Fixed-Priced Contracts, 4-20Finance
federal contract, fixed-price
2014Roles and Responsibilities for Sponsored Project Administration, 4-13Finance
principal investigator, PI, administrative unit, ePER, proposal, preaward, contracting, institutional approval, academic unit, award administration
7035Safeguarding Customer InformationStudent Affairs
5002Scheduling Classrooms and Other SpacesInformation Technology
event, classroom, conference room
5006Secure ComputingInformation Technology
4029Sexual Harassment Campus AppendixHuman Resources
reporting sexual harassment, obligation to report sexual harassment, sexual harassment resources,
2035Signature AuthorityFinance
3059Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free EnvironmentGeneral Administration
smoking, e-cigarettes, device, smokeless, chewing, chew, snuff, smoke, tobacco
4026Spouse/Child Grant Program - CU DenverHuman Resources
tuition grant waiver
1029Standards for Notice of Non-reappointment for Non-tenured FacultyAcademic & Faculty Affairs
7030Student Attendance and AbsencesStudent Affairs
excused absence, religious observance, religious holiday, religion
7003Student Code of ConductStudent Affairs

student conduct, community standards, prohibited behavior

7014Student Immunization Requirements and ComplianceStudent Affairs
7029Student OrganizationsStudent Affairs
affiliated student organization, associated student organization, fundraising, raffles
7026Student Participation in Commencement CeremoniesStudent Affairs
7019Students Called for Military DutyStudent Affairs
national guard, veterans affairs
2010Study Subject PaymentsFinance
study subject compensation, participation incentives, gift cards, gift certificates, money orders, petty cash, study subject payments, participant payments
2036Subrecipient Monitoring, 4-17Finance
pass-through entity, site visits, subrecipient invoices
1014Summer Faculty Appointment Hiring ProcessAcademic & Faculty Affairs
summer appointments, 2/9th, 3/9th
1031SyllabusAcademic & Faculty Affairs
syllabi, courses, template
5003TelephonesInformation Technology
telephones, cellular, calling card, cell
2031Time and Effort Reporting on Sponsored Projects, 4-21Finance
electronic personal effort reporting, ePER, cost sharing, certification
7011Transfer Credit Limits for Undergraduate StudentsStudent Affairs
2026Transfer of Assets To or From Other OrganizationsFinance
equipment transfers
2032Transfer of Sponsored Project Financial Commitments Not Involving Assets to Other Organizations, 4-16Finance
relinquishing statement, restricted fund award
7006Transferring Undergraduate CreditStudent Affairs
​transfer, military veterans, transfer credit
2043Treasury Pooled Investment EarningsFinance
pooled investment earnings, PIE, interest
7012Tuition AppealsStudent Affairs
7027University Response Following a Student DeathStudent Affairs
2034Unrelated Business Income TaxFinance
unrelated business income tax, UBIT, auxiliary sales
3039Use of Campus Facilities for Continuing and Professional EducationGeneral Administration
assigning classrooms, cash-funded, non-credit, extended studies
3007    Utility Interruption/Outage Request ProcedureGeneral Administration
4030Volunteers and TraineesHuman Resources
​volunteer, trainee, compensation, internship, shadowing
5007Web PublishingInformation Technology
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