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Policies and Guidelines

University of Colorado Denver

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 Policy NameExhibitsAdditional Keywords

Office/Dept.: Academic Affairs; Items: 55

 Academic Freedom
 Academic Internships
Experiential Learning
 Academic Probation and Suspension for Undergraduates
Early Alert; Restricted Probation
 Academic Program Review
Program Review Panel; PRP; External Review
 Administrator's Salary on Return to the Faculty
 Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation (CARE) Team
behavior, risk, threatening, threat, intervention, safety, wellbeing, assessment
 Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team
​behavior, intervention, risk, safety, threat, threatening, well being, care
 Clinical Teaching Track Faculty Appointments
​Clinical teaching track​
 Code of Student Conduct
  • Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Prohibited Behavior
  • Code of Conduct
 Colorado Community College Transfer Guarantee
articulation agreement; 60 plus 60
 Courses Taught in Faculty Homes and Other Private Residences
 Credit and Non-Credit Courses and Programs
 Dean's List Criteria for Undergraduate Students
academic honors
 Distinguished Professorships
faculty honors
 Duty to Report Criminal and Threatening Behavior
​Threats, attack, intimidate, aggressive, violent,
 Faculty Compensation - AMC
additional compensation, additional remuneration, additional pay, faculty salries, salary grievance procedure, administrative appointment, teaching overload, housing allowance, automobile allowance, 1/9th, honoraria, moving allowance, extamural funding, recognition awards, incentive pay, summer pay, 1/6th; salary setting process; chancellor's action
 Faculty Compensation - DC
additional compensation, additional remuneration, additional pay, salary setting process, faculty salaries, salary grievance procedure, administrative appointments, teaching overload, award and incentive programs, summer pay, summer compensation, 1/6th, additional remuneration for consultative services, honoraria, 1/9th, 3/9th
 Faculty Emeritus and Emerita Designation
 Faculty Handbook
 Faculty Hires with Tenure - DC
RTP review; faculty hires with tenure;faculty hires with tenure
 Fall and Spring Semester Breaks
Fall Breaks Spring Breaks Semester
 Final Exam Week
​final exam, exam schedule, exam schedule conflicts
 Four Year Graduation Guarantee
 Graduation Deadlines
commencement; cap and gown; diploma
 Guidelines and Checklist for Inter-Departmental and Inter-School Transfers of Faculty
​unit  checklist
 Guidelines for Assisting Students with Pregnancy and Parenting
pregnancy, pregnancy leave, parenting, Title IX​
 Hiring Process for Full Time Faculty:
 Institutional Student Fee Plan
 International Student Health Insurance Requirements and Waiver Process
 International Travel Policy for Students
student travel, international, experiential learning, Global study, Global Education, unaffiliated travelers, destinations,
 Medical Withdrawal Policy
​Medical withdrawal
 Missing Residential Student Notification Policy
 New Faculty Orientation
 Non-Degree Students - Signature Authority
 Nondiscrimination Policy and Procedures
discrimination, harassment, hostile environment, retaliation, reporting violations
 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Performance Review
 Official Measures of English Language Proficiency for Admission of International Students
 Outcomes Assesment
learning outcomes
 Oversight of International Travel by Faculty, Staff and Students
 Policy for Research Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees
​Trainees, Graduate School,
 Post Tenure Review
accountability; peer review; below expectations; PIA; Professional Improvement Agreement; triggered review; development fund award
 Posthumous Academic Degrees
Posthumous, student, die,
 Program Discontinuance for Internally Initiated Program Discontinuance When Tenure or Tenure-track Faculty Face Dismissal
 Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
 Research and Creative Work Support
​Faculty research creative support F&A
 Standards for Notice of Non-reappointment for Non-tenured Faculty
 Student Attendance and Absences
excused absence; religious observance; religious holiday
 Student Coursebook
 Student Immunization Requirements and Compliance
 Student Participation in Commencement Ceremonies
 Summer Faculty Appointment Hiring - DC
summer appointments, 2/9th,3/9th
syllabi, cources, template
 Transferring Undergraduate Credit
​transfer, military veterans, transfer credit
 Tuition Appeals
 University Response Following a Student Death

Office/Dept.: Accounting Services; Items: 1

 Accounts Receivable

Office/Dept.: Auraria Higher Education Center; Items: 6

 AHEC - Campus Closure
 AHEC - Campus Exclusive Sales and Services
 AHEC - Campus Signage
 AHEC - Smoke Free Environment
 AHEC - Special Events Involving Alcohol
 AHEC - Weapons on Campus

Office/Dept.: Business Services; Items: 2

 Property Insurance Coverage
insurance, property losses

Office/Dept.: CU System; Items: 56

 Administrative Policy Statements
 Alcholic Beverages Purchased for University Events
 Approval of Sabbatical Assignments
​sabbaticals, faculty, tenure, remuneration, assignments, professional development, scholar service
 Auxiliary and Self-Funded Revenues
revenue, auxiliary and self-funded revenue, auxiliary, auxiliary revenue, self-funded, self-funded activities, self-funded revenue, revenue definition, revenue recognition, recognition base, operating revenues
 Bank Accounts and Investments
bank accounts, savings accounts, investments, negotiable instruments, securities
 Board of Regents Laws and Policies
 Cash Control: Finance Procedural Statement
cash control, cash, checks, money orders, wire transfers, cash-like items, gift cards, gift certificates, handling cash, cash receipts, safeguarding, transporting cash, petty cash, cash handling, keeping cash, deposits, custody, custodian
 Collection of Personal Data from Students and Customers
personal data, identity theft, ID theft, social security number, SSN, student information, customer information, medical resident information, credit relationship, covered account, collection requirements, collection requirement exemptions, red flags, suspicious documents, identification, identity information, personal identifying information, suspicious activity, fraud, fraudulent, fictitious, unusual, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, GLB Act
 Complimentary Tickets and Related Expenses for Employees and Non-Employees
tax treatment, complimentary tickets, university performances, sporting events, taxable, taxable event, tax consequences, 1099-MISC
 Contracting Authority
contracting authority, contracts, agreements, grants, lease, leasing contract, memorandum of understanding, MOU, sponsored projects agreement, sponsorship, affiliations, operational agreements, real property, non-real property, who signs contracts, authority to execute a contract, authority to sign a contract, financing arrangements, use of facilities, third party, foreign vendors, foreign currency, contract threshold, contract signature authority, authority to sign contracts, contract execution, contract delegation
 Coordination of Audits
coordination of audits, managing audits, managing audit activity, audit objectives, audit process, audits, audit scope, single audit act, department of internal audit, annual financial statement audit, audit recommendations, responses to external audits
 Courtesy Vehicle Program Requirements
courtesy vehicle program, courtesy vehicle, university vehicle, courtesy cars
 CU Foundation Transfer Requests
transfers, CU Foundation transfers, gift fund transfers, gift funds, gifts, CU Foundation, CU Foundation account, gift revenues, transfer funds, transfer request
 CU Foundation Transfers
transfers, CU Foundation transfers, gift fund transfers, gift funds, gifts, CU Foundation, CU Foundation account, gift revenues
 Direct Spending from a Foundation on behalf of the University
direct spending from Foundation account, CU Foundation account, gift funds, gift spending
donations, University donations, donations to outside organizations, contributions, charitable donations, charitable gifts, external community relations functions, fundraising functions, fundraising events, non-cash donations, non-cash contributions, campaigns, Colorado Combined Campaign, permissible campaigns, volunteer leave, University employees donating their time
 Education Assistance Program
education assistance, tuition assistance, employee tuition waiver, employee tuition, employee benefits, tuition waiver
 Enterprise Designations (Accounting Directive 99-1)
enterprise, auxiliary activity, enterprise designation, enterprise activities
 Escheat Property Accounting (Accounting Directive 95-1)
escheat property, reversion of property, intestate, abandoned property, unclaimed property
 Expenditure Control (Expenditure Control is not in effect at this time.)
expenditure control, expense control, fiscal management, deficit spending, overspending, deficits, available balance, available resources, resource check
 Expense Approval Process
Business purpose, tests of propriety, propriety of expenses
 Fiscal Certification
fiscal certification, officer's certification, annual certification, financial certification, fiscal certification statement
 Fiscal Certification: Finance Procedural Statement
fiscal certification, officer's certification, annual certification, financial certification, fiscal certification statement, fiscal assessment
 Fiscal Code of Ethics
fiscal code of ethics, code of ethics, ethics, fiscal responsibility, compliance
 Fiscal Code of Ethics Acknowledgement
fiscal code of ethics, code of ethics, ethics, fiscal responsibility, compliance
 Fiscal Misconduct Reporting
fiscal misconduct, fiscal misconduct reporting, compliance, whistle blower, whistle blowing, internal audit, misconduct
 Fiscal Roles and Responsibilities
fiscal roles, fiscal responsibilities, fiscal roles and responsibilities, roles and responsibilities, fiscal employees, fiscal duties, financial roles, financial responsibilities, financial roles and responsibilities, financial duties
 Foundation Direct Spending on behalf of the University
spending from a sponsor's account, direct spending from a supporting foundation's account, sponsor's account, sponsorship, spending from outside foundation's account, sponsoring foundation, sponsor spending on behalf of the university, supporting foundation, foundation, gift, spending gift funds
 Foundation Reimbursement for Work Done on Behalf of CU Supporting Foundation
reimbursements, supporting foundation, sharing expenses, sponsoring foundation, receiving payments from a sponsoring foundation, receiving payments from a supporting foundation, supporting foundation reimbursement, supporting foundation's Business, supporting foundation's activity, supporting foundation's event, working with a supporting foundation, working with a sponsoring foundation, alcohol, alcoholic beverages
 Fundraising Events
fundraising, fundraising events, university sponsored events, campus sponsored events, official functions, donor cultivation, revenues from fundraising
 Gift in Kind
gifts, gift in-kind, gift in kind, donations, non-cash donations, revenues, gifts, revenue recognition, non-monetary gifts, donated items, intellectual property donations, value of gift, recognition value of gift, fair market value of gifts, appraisal
 Gift SpeedType Setup and Maintenance
gifts, gift speedtype, gift speedtype setup, establishing gift speedtype, monitoring gift speedtype, linked gift funds, unlinked funds, unlinked account, gift training, fund 34 speedtype, linking CU Foundation account, CU Foundation account, Foundation account, gift fund, gift speedtype attributes
honoraria, honorarium, compensation for one-time service, guest lecturer, lecturer, additional pay
 In-State Tuition Status for Students that are Honorably Discharged from the Military
in-state, in-state tuition, residency classification, honorably discharged students, veteran students, G.I. Promise Act, former members of the armed forces, tuition classification
 In-State Tuition Status for Students that Move to Colorado as the Result of an Economic Development Incentive
in-state, in-state tuition, residency classification, tuition classification, economic development incentive, student's parent relocated to Colorado
 Internal Controls and Compensating Controls
internal control, compensating control, separation of duties, segregation of duties, financial management, fiscal responsibility, control, compliance
 License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues
license fees, certification fees, memberships, dues, required for university employment, Political Action Committees, PACs, donations
 Officer and Exempt Professional Resource Guide
 Officer Disclosure (of Interests)
officer disclosure, disclosure of interest, annual disclosure, conflict of interest disclosure, outside financial interests, outside financial activity, outside interests, related party, related party transactions, outside offices, directorship, outside employment
 Officer Disclosure of Interests
officer disclosure, disclosure of interest, annual disclosure, conflict of interest disclosure, outside financial interests, outside financial activity, outside interests, related party, related party transactions, outside offices, directorship, outside employment
 Operation of University Vehicles
operating University vehicles, university-owned vehicle, using University vehicle, vehicles, auto liability coverage, University transportation, driving University vehicle, assigning University vehicles, accidents involving University vehicles, vehicle accidents, rental vehicles, use of personal vehicles, courtesy vehicles
 Payroll - Mandatory Direct Deposit
payroll deposit, direct deposit, paychecks, employee payroll, first paycheck, last paycheck, payroll warrant
 Payroll & Benefit Services (PBS) Procedures Guide
 Performance Management Program
 Permanent Land Fund and Auxiliary Enterprise Investment Fund
permanent land fund, University auxiliary enterprise investment fund, self-development plant fund, land fund, plant fund, real estate, investment fund, rental property
 Policy governing consumption of alcohol
​Alcohol, consumption, alcoholic beverages
 Propriety of Expenses
propriety of expenses, appropriateness of expenses, sensitive expenses, sensitive transactions, approving expenses, questionable expenses, questionable transactions, sensitive purchase
 PSC Procedural Statement: Complimentary Tickets and Related Expenses for Employees and Non-Employees
complimentary tickets, athletic event tickets, university performance tickets, excess ticket distribution, NCAA, complimentary tickets recognition
 Reimbursement for Work Done on Behalf of a University of Colorado Supporting Foundation
reimbursements, supporting foundation, sharing expenses, sponsoring foundation, receiving payments from a sponsoring foundation, receiving payments from a supporting foundation, supporting foundation reimbursement, supporting foundation's business, supporting foundation's activity, supporting foundation's event, working with a supporting foundation, working with a sponsoring foundation, alcohol, alcoholic beverages
 Retention of University Records
​retaining records
 Revenue Definition and Recognition
revenue definition, revenue recognition, revenue process, revenue transaction, recognizing revenue, revenue types, operating revenues, other revenues, non-operating revenues, investment income, gifts, donations, contributions, identifying revenue, credit expense, reduction of expense, refunds, rebates, balance sheet activity, receivable, unearned revenue, undistributed receipts, deposits held in custody, revenues, what is revenue, revenue decision tree, decision matrix
 Sales and Use Tax
tax, sales tax, use tax, tax exemption, fundraising, fundraising events, official functions, taxable services, taxable event
 Sponsored Project Revenues
sponsored project revenue, revenue, revenue definition, revenue recognition, sponsored projects, non-governmental gifts, grants, contracts, federal awards, characteristics of sponsored project, restricted fund
 Student Retirement Plan
student retirement, retirement plan, student employee retirement plan, definitions, career employee, graduate student, professional student, hiring authority, semester definition, student definition, student employee
 Travel Authorization
international travel, travel authorization, travel approval, travel to international locations, international destinations
 University Management Systems Policies Governing UMS Access and Security

Office/Dept.: Educational Support Services; Items: 3

 Access and use of Building Patios, Balconies, Decks and Roofs
 Scheduling Classrooms and Other Spaces
event; classroom; conference room
 Secure Computing

Office/Dept.: Environmental Health and Safety; Items: 6

 Fire and Life Safety Code Requirements - Anschutz Medical Campus
 Hepatitis B Exposure Assesment and Vaccination
 Human Gene Therapy
 Instructions for Shipping Biological Materials
 Laboratory Training & Safety
 Sink Disposal Guidelines

Office/Dept.: Facilities Management; Items: 19

 Authority Having Jurisdiction for Fire Prevention and Life Safety
 Availability of Anschutz Medical Campus Facilities and Services to External Entities Matrices
rent space; event scheduling
 Building and Life Safety Code Review of Modular Furnitur
 Building Operations Maintenance and Campus Policy
 CCHE Capital Assets
 Construction and Modification Code Compliance
 Elevator Emergency Procedures
 Facilities Operations Building Maintenance Responsibilities
 Fire and Life Safety Code Requirements - Biomedical Research Building
 Fire and Life Safety Code Requirements - JFK Building
 Fire and Life Safety Code Requirements - School of Medicine
 Fire and Life Safety Code Requirements - School of Pharmacy
 Fire and Life Safety Policies and Guidance
 Modification or Securing of Exit Doors & Passageways
 Relocation Services Guidelines
​​Moving, relocating,
 Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment
​Smoking, E-Cigarettes, device, smokeless, chewing, chew, snuff, smoke, tobacco
 State Buildings and Real Estate Programs
 UC Denver Libraries
 Utility Interruption Request Procedures

Office/Dept.: Finance & Administration; Items: 55

 "Named" Spaces Transition Guidelines
 Access Control and Physical Security Standards
 Accounts Receivable
 Alcohol Policy for UC Denver Campus
alcohol use, campus
 Anschutz Medical Campus Major Art and Art Donations

​Canvas, flyers, promotional, coupons, soliciting, solicitation, petition
 Cash Receipts and Deposits
cash receipts, cash deposits, internal controls, segregation of duties, check endorsement
 Check Cashing
check cashing, petty cash reimbursement checks
 Compensation Principles for Promotion and Tenure
 Cost Allocations
indirect cost allocation, general administrative recharge, GAR, general infrastructure recharge, GIR, administrative overhead, facilities overhead.
 Credit Card Acceptance
 Differentiated Workload
differentiated workload, workload assignment
 Distribution of Technology Transfer Income
technology transfer income, royalty revenue, intellectual property income distribution
 Drones (UAS)
​Drones, UAS, flying air traffic, FAA, aircraft, unmanned, model, plane
 Drop Add and Tuition Advance
capital equipment, furniture, disposal, gift in kind,
 Establishing New Programs/Projects in the Appropriate General Ledger Fund Group
chartfield, speedtype, program, project, account, fund, org
 Establishing UCD Policies
 Exhibit A-Cash Receipts Forms and Instructions (XLS)
cash receipts, cash deposits, internal controls, segregation of duties, check endorsement.
 Facilities Use by Employees and Students
appropriate use of facilities, space, external entities, outside organizations, rent, lease, alcohol, animals, pets
 Facilities Use by External Entities
appropriate use of facilities, space, service to external entities, outside organizations, public sales, use of University equipment, alcohol, animals, pets
 Financial Aid Awarded by Schools Programs and Department
 Financial Aid Awarded by Schools/Colleges/Departments (Accounting Directive 97-1)
financial aid, financial assistance, educational assistance, student aid, scholarship, work-study awards, fellowships, grants, cash prizes, stipends, financial awards, authority to award financial aid, financial aid for University employees, taxable aid
 Gifts Received from The Children's Hospital-TCH 4-18
Gifts; The Childern's Hospital; TCH; TCH gift speedtype
 Gifts Received from The Children's Hospital-TCH 4-18
Gifts; The Childern's Hospital; TCH; TCH gift speedtype
 Graduate Student Assistantships and Tuition Remission
 Internal Service Centers & Core Laboratories
 International Travel Policy for Faculty and Staff
​travelers, compliance, abroad,countries, regions, foreign,
 Monitoring Research Equipment
 Moving and Relocation Expense Reimbursement
moving reimbursement, relocation
 Multi-Year Contracts for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members and Librarians
 Pollution Remediation
pollution, University obligations, pollution remediation, reporting events, disclosure requirements, triggerring events, estimating and recording outlay
 Posting, Announcement, Sign and Display Procedure and Approval Process - Anschutz Medical Campus
​Window clings, buildings, flyers, notices, banners, doors, walls, install, advertisements
 Posting, Announcement, sign and Display Procedure and Approval Process - Denver Campus
​Window Clings, Flyers, Notices, Advertisements, Banners, Install, Easels,
 Protected Data
 Rallies, Assemblies, Demonstrations, and Expressive Activities
freedom of speech; freedom of expression; peaceful assembly; civility on campus; noise
 Real Estate Management-Space Acquisition and Use
real estate, space rental, lease, tenant
 Research Space Policy
 Reserve Funds and Reserve Fund Transfers
 Safeguarding Customer Information
 Signature Authority
 Student Organizations
affiliated student organization; associated student organization; fundraising; raffles
 Students Called for Military Duty
National Guard; Veterans Affairs;
 Study Subject Payments
study subject compensation, participation incentives, gift cards, gift certificates, money orders, petty cash, study subject payments, participant payments
 System APS 2022 Colorado Open Records Act
telephones, cellular, calling card, cell
 Transfer of Assets To or From Other Organizations
equipment transfers
cash transfer journals, cash transfer
 Travel Office
 Treasury Pooled Investment Earnings
pooled investment earnings, PIE, interest
 Unrelated Business Income Tax
unrelated business income tax, UBIT, auxiliary sales.
 Use of Campus Facilities for Continuing and Professional Education
assigning classrooms; cash-funded; non-credit; extended studies

Office/Dept.: Financial Compliance; Items: 1

 Gift Cards
gift cards, gift certificates, money orders, study subject compensation, participation incentive, recognition awards, internal controls, segregation of duties, study subject payments

Office/Dept.: Grants and Contracts; Items: 20

 Accounting for and Deposit of Gifts Through CU Foundation, 4-14
Subcontracts; State of Colorado; Agency
 Application and Proposal Approval Process for Sponsored Projects, 4-5
Routing; routing form; Approval of Application for Grant or Contract; Consideration of Non-Monetary Research Agreements; application; proposal; non-monetary; master agreements;
 Awards or Subscontracts with State of Colorado Agencies, 4-19
Subcontracts; State of Colorado; Agency
 Clinical Trials, 4-01
 Closeout of Sponsored Projects, 4-6
Closeout; Financial Status Report; FSR; Financial Report Review Process
 Contract Guidelines for Contracts with Other State of Colorado Agencies , 4-15
State agencies; cost reimbursement; fixed price; fixed rate;
 Cost Sharing, 4-8
Cost share; In-kind contributions; mandatory cost share; obligatory cost share; voluntary cost share;
 Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects, 4-12
Cost transfer; journal entry; JE; payroll expense transfer; PET
 CU Foundation Draw Down, 4-03
CU Foundation; draw down; request for transfer of funds;
 Direct Charges to Federally Sponsored Projects, 4-7
 Establishing a Sponsored Project Without an Award Document, 4-10
Pre-award costs; preaward; Pre-activated award authorization; check deposit request
 Exhibit A-University of Colorado Foundation Checklist for Gift Acceptance
 Expenditure Contracts and/or Subagreements Under Sponsored Awards, 4-02
Subcontracts; prime awards; interagency agreements; delegated;
 Facilities and Administrative Costs, 4-4
Facilities and Administrative Costs; F&A; Negotiated Rate Agreement; Waiver; Cost Recovery Distribution; On-campus; Off-campus; total direct costs; modified total direct costs; clinical trials; rebudgeting; residual balance;
 Program Income, 4-11
Program Income; additive; matching; deduction
 Retaining Residual Income from Federal Fixed-Priced Contracts, 4-20
Federal contract; residual income; fixed-price;
 Roles and Responsibilities for Sponsored Project Administration, 4-13
Prinicipal Investigator; PI; administrative unit; ePER; proposal; Preaward; contracting; institutional approval; academic unit; award administration;
 Subrecipient Monitoring, 4-17
Subrecipient; monitoring; pass-through entity; site visits; subrecipient invoices;
 Time and Effort Reporting on Sponsored Projects, 4-21
Effort reporting; electronic personal effort reporting; ePER; time and effort; cost sharing; certification;
 Transfer of Sponsored Project Financial Commitments Not Involving Assets to Other Organizations, 4-16
Transfer; relinquishing statement; restricted fund award;

Office/Dept.: Human Resources; Items: 35

 Applicants for Faculty and Exempt Professional Employment
applicant definition, unsolicited applications,affiliate employees, applicant confidentiality, treatment of applicants
 Background Investigations
background check, credit check
 Campus Closures - UC Denver Policy
 Chancellor’s Equal Opportunity Statement
equal employment opportunity complaints
 Classified Staff Handbook
 Compensation for Classified Staff
salary increase, salary setting, counteroffer, compression, equity, promotional increase, additional pay, signing bonus, FLSA, secondary employment, in range movements, discretionary pay differentials, delayed promotional, referral award, salary ranges, referral award
 Compensation for Officers and Exempt Professionals
salary setting, promotions, incentive pay, recognition awards, pay incentives, temporary pay, signing bonus, salary ranges, non-base building, base building; annual salary setting process; merit pay; merit pay adjustments;
 Disability Accommodation
ADA, accommodation, disability discrimination
 Drug and Alcohol Information
 Employee Discounts, Referral Sources, and Resources
Discount program, worklife, employee resources
 Employee Fringe
fringe benefit pools, workers compensation, unemployment, termination pay, separation pay, vacation payout, sick leave payout, retiree health insurance, fringe benefits
 Employee Tuition Waivers
 Employment Eligibility Verification - Form I-9
 Exemptions from the State Personnel System
job description; classified to exempt professional; ineligible for exemption; academic support; officers; executive assistants
 Expanded Faculty Housing Assistance Program
home loans, purchase of home, financial assistance, home purchase
 Family and Medical Leave for Classified Staff
job protection, fitness to return
 Family Medical Leave for Faculty and Exempt Professional Staff
job protection, fitness to return, parental leave policy
 Hiring Process for Classified Staff
selection process; recruitment process
 Hiring Process for Officers and Exempt Professionals
selection process, recruitment process, search waiver
 Hiring Process for Officers and Exempt Professionals
alternate holidays, floating holidays
 Layoffs of Classified Staff
 Leave Sharing for Classified Staff, Officers, Exempt Professionals and Faculty on Twelve-Month Appointments
 Payments of Unused Sick and Vacation Leave for Separating Employees
leave payouts
 Personally Identifiable Information - Open Records Act
 Procedure for Hiring Six Month Temporary Employees
six month temp
 Research Assistant / Associate (PRA) Hiring Process
 Research Assistant/Associate (PRA) Hiring
 Research Assistant/Associate (PRA) Policy
 Research Assistant/Associate (PRA) Salary Bands, effective July 1, 2010
salary ranges for PRAs
 Sexual Harassment Campus Appendix
reporting sexual harassment, obligation to report sexual harassment, sexual harassment resources,
 Spouse/Child Grant Program - DC
tuition grant waiver
 Volunteers and Trainees
​volunteer trainee services compensation internship shadowing

Office/Dept.: OIT; Items: 4

 Acceptable Use Policy
 Web CMS Procedures
 Web Publishing

Office/Dept.: Police; Items: 1

 Exclusion of Persons from University Property

Office/Dept.: Procurement Service Center; Items: 21

 Advance Payment to Vendors
prepayment; upfront cost; advanced payments
 After-the-Fact Purchases
ATF, After-the-fact, purchase without approvals, expenditure without contract, no procurement approval, no contract
alcohol, APA, alcohol approvals, official functions, liquor, sensitive expenses, official functions
 Business Expense Reimbursement
bank accounts, savings accounts, investments, negotiable instruments, securities
 Cash Advances
cash advances, travel advances, remote travel, imprest cash fund, remote stay funds
 Executive Alcohol Inventory
executive alcohol inventory, alcohol inventory,alcohol, APA
 Official Functions
official function, meals, meeting, training functions, goodwill, community relations, employee recognition, retirement, recruitment, student functions, food, beverages, recognition and training, sensitive expenses, alcohol, APA
 Payment Voucher Authorization & Use
payment voucher, process payment not on PO and not commitment voucher, pay invoice, PV, Payment voucher Authorization & use
 Personal Technology & Telecommunications
personal technology & telecommunications, cell phones, remote devices, blackberry, wireless, telecommunications, personal technology, personal calls, telephone
 Petty Cash & Change Funds
petty cash, change fund, cash custodian, change fund custodian, study subject payments, participant payments, cash control, cash advances, human subject research, sensitive expenses,
 Procurement Service Center
 Recognition & Training
 Sensitive Expenses
tests of propriety, propriety of expenses, expenditures, appropriate expenses, questionable expense, business expense, allowable, official function, fundraising, breakroom equipment, food, flowers, gifts, snacks, beverages, alcohol, automobile, insurance, vehicle, coffee, toasters, refrigerators, microwaves, DVD, TV, conference, donation, donor cultivation, fruit baskets, greeting cards, cards, official functions, community relations, life events, death,condolences, birth, goodwill, esteem, significant illness, holidays, well wishes, congratulations, birthdays, consumable items, personal consumption, community relations, conferences, student life, student residential, gifts, tokens, home internet, internet connections at personal residence, parking, moving expense reimbursement, passport, political expenses, staff appreciation, meals, recruitment, prospective students, prospective employees, retirement, tickets, event, event tickets, complimentary tickets, training function, uniforms, green card, immigration, visa, entry to US, Homeland security, fees, permits
 Student Payments
student payments, scholarships, fellowships, grants, student financial aid, aid, stipends, allowance, assistantship, fellowship, trainee, student, student organization, awards, prizes, rewards, participant support costs
 Study Subject Payment
study subject payments, human subject research, clinical trials, psychiatry studies, psychology studies, participant costs, participant payments, incentives
 Supporting Foundation Reimbursement
reimbursements, supporting foundation, sharing expenses, sponsoring foundation, receiving payments from a sponsoring foundation, receiving payments from a supporting foundation, supporting foundation reimbursement, supporting foundation's business, supporting foundation's activity, supporting foundation's event, working with a supporting foundation, working with a sponsoring foundation, alcohol, alcoholic beverages
 Tests of Propriety
tests of propriety, appropriate expense, allowable, sensitive, University expense, busines expense,
 Travel Authorization & Expense
travel, travel authorization, travel expense, TAP, TA, business travel, University travel, travel reimbursement, air travel, travel advances, mileage, car rental, vehicle rental, airline, accidents, nonemployee travel, internet airfare,baggage,travel card, CTS, ghost card, GPS, incidental, per diem, internet, pda, laptop, laundry, camping, lodging, hotels, meal, meal reimbursement, parking, passport, personal travel, telephone, fax, tips, toll, traffic tickets, international travel, US Bank card, Expense System, visa, vaccination
 Travel Card Handbook
travel card, event card, US Bank, lost card, stolen card, TA, ghost card, cash advance, ATM,
 Undocumented Reimbursement
undocumented reimbursement, no receipt, proof of payment, receipt
 W-9 & Vendor Authorization
W9, W-9, Vendor authorization, new vendor, TIN, W-8

Office/Dept.: Regulatory Compliance; Items: 9

 Children in Hazardous Areas
 Cold Storage of Flammable Liquids
 Declination of Hepatitis B Vaccine
 Eating and Drinking in Laboratories
 Export Control Compliance
export, control, EAR, ITAR, OFAC, liabilities, regulations, research, academic, volunteers, trainees, visiting, scholars, boards, foreign, deemed, exception
 Eye Protection
 HIPAA Policies and Forms
 HIPAA Privacy Rule - United States Department of Health & Human Services
 Regulatory Compliance Procedures for Health & Safety

Office/Dept.: Safety; Items: 1

 Fire Alarm Response Procedures

Office/Dept.: State of Colorado; Items: 3

 Colorado Revised Statutes
 State of Colorado Fiscal Rules
 State of Colorado Human Resources Publications

Office/Dept.: Student Life; Items: 1

 Background Investigation Policy for Residents and Students in Health Science Programs
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