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Marcus Institute for Brain Health

Marcus Institute for Brain Health

Our Team

James Kelly, MD Picture  
James Kelly, MD
Executive Director

Dr. James Kelly is Professor of Neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Kelly is a behavioral neurologist who has been leading both the medicine and the science of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) for over 30 years. His career began serving elite athletes with concussion and has been a leading authority in sport concussion since 1991. While continuing his work in sport-related concussion management, Dr. Kelly shifted to become the founding Director of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence, providing specialty care for active duty service members struggling with mild TBI and changes in psychological health.  As the Executive Director of the MIBH, Dr. Kelly oversees the clinical care provided to military Veterans and retired athletes. In addition to his work at the MIBH, Dr. Kelly is Senior Fellow at the George W. Bush Institute, serving as an advisor to the former president related to the “Invisible Wounds” of war including TBI and psychological health conditions related to current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Michael W. Hartford Picture  
Michael W. Hartford, MHA, CAPT, USN (Retired)
Chief Operations Director

Mike joins the MIBH after completing distinguished careers as a senior healthcare executive in Veterans Health and Military Medicine. He retired as a Navy Medical Service Corps Officer and was the only senior military officer to have ever worked in the C-suite of a Veterans Affairs Healthcare facility. His role was to provide oversight and support for our Nation’s most catastrophically Wounded, Injured and Ill along with their family members. He was able to leverage his vast knowledge of VA and DOD to ensure smooth transitions and warm handoffs throughout the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration process. As Chief Operations Director he oversees all daily operations of the MIBH to include administrative, clinical, research and educational operations. In addition to his work at MIBH he is involved in several veteran service organizations and serves as Chairman of the Board for a non-profit Wounded Warrior Retreat located in Camden County, Georgia called Team Reid Retreat

Christopher M. Filley, MD  
Christopher M. Filley, MD
Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Filley is Director of the Behavioral Neurology Section and Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The first behavioral neurologist in the history of the university, Dr. Filley founded the Behavioral Neurology Section in 1991 to represent the study of brain-behavior relationships. In his role as Senior Scientific Advisor at the MIBH, he will help guide multidisciplinary research on traumatic brain injury (TBI) and related psychological disorders, pursuing such questions as the identification of diagnostic biomarkers, the correlation of clinical features with neuroimaging data, and the development of optimal treatments. In addition, he will facilitate the integration of these studies with a variety of other neurobehavioral programs at the university, including in the important area of dementia, increasingly recognized as a potential long-term sequel of TBI. A key collaboration will be maintained with the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center, where Dr. Filley serves as Co-Leader of the Clinical Core and Research Physician investigating the etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. At the MIBH he will also assist with the development of diverse educational initiatives and the organization of comprehensive patient care. Informing all of this work is Dr. Filley’s career interest in the behavioral neurology of white matter, including neurologic, psychiatric, neuropsychological, neuroimaging, neuropathological, and genetic aspects of all varieties of white matter disorders. The author or co-author of 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Dr. Filley is also the author of three monographs – Neurobehavioral Anatomy, The Behavioral Neurology of White Matter, and White Matter Dementia – and the senior editor of the acclaimed textbook Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry.

Spencer Milo, BA Picture  
Spencer Milo, BA, Staff Sergeant US Army, (Retired)
Director of Veteran Programs and Community Outreach

Spencer is a medically retired, post-9/11 U.S. Army combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. A passionate advocate and spokesman for military Veterans and veterans’ issues, he also serves transitioning military members and Veterans in his civilian career today. At the MIBH, Spencer coordinates community outreach specifically for military Veterans and athletes.  

Wendi Pevler, MBA Picture  
Wendi Pevler, MBA, MS
Director of Finance and Administration

Wendi is the Director of Administration and Finance for the MIBH. Wendi is experienced at managing large projects and has worked in multiple departments across the CU System. At the MIBH, she oversees budgeting and day-to-day financial operations. Additionally, Wendi manages the administrative aspects of the MIBH, including human resources, Federal, State and University policy compliance, revenue cycle and contracts. Wendi is an avid skier and loves spending time with her 6’2” son.

Daniel Wilkerson, JD Picture  
Lisa A. Brenner, PhD
Director, Clinical Research

Lisa is a Board Certified Rehabilitation Psychologist, and Research Director for the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology and PM&R at the University of Colorado, Anschutz School of Medicine, and Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center MIRECC; Additionally, she is the President of Division 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) of the American Psychological Association (APA), an APA Fellow and serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. Her primary area of research interest is traumatic brain injury, co-morbid psychiatric disorders, and negative psychiatric outcomes including suicide. As Director of Clinical Research for the Marcus Institute for Brain Health (MIBH), Dr. Brenner will facilitate rigorous evaluation of clinical services provided at the Institute, as well as translation of best evidence to MIBH clinical practices. She will also actively engage in research pertaining to the work being conducted at the MIBH and provide opportunities for those seeking care at the MIBH to participate in these studies. 

Daniel Wilkerson, JD Picture  
Daniel Wilkerson, JD
Director of Special Projects

Dan comes to the MIBH with an extensive background in higher education law and administration.  As Director of Special Projects, Mr. Wilkerson works directly with Dr. Kelly to advance the vision and mission of the Marcus Institute. Mr. Wilkerson is a former Army JAG officer who was stationed at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center from 1986 until 1989.  In 1989, Mr. Wilkerson joined CU’s Office of University Counsel and represented the Health Sciences campus and its medical school in particular.  In 2007, Mr. Wilkerson became the Vice President, University Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Regents for the CU System.  In 2012, Mr. Wilkerson retired from CU, but continued to consult for CU, the Association of American Medical Colleges and other organizations.  Wilkerson is a distinguished military graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and earned his J.D. from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. 

Kathryn Hardin, CCC-SLP, CBIST Picture  
Kathryn Hardin, CCC-SLP, CBIST
Clinical Lead

Kathryn is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She is a licensed speech-language pathologist and Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer. Professor Hardin is nationally known for her work in concussion and advocacy for people with mild TBI. At the MIBH, Kathryn see patients directly and assists with coordination of care. Outside of work, Kathryn is married, a soccer mom, and grows serious tomatoes. 

Catherine Johnston-Brooks – PhD, ABPP-CN – Neuropsychologist Picture  
Catharine Johnston-Brooks – PhD, ABPP-CN

Dr. Catie Johnston-Brooks is a Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist (ABPP-CN) and an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She comes to the MIBH from the Denver VA Medical Center where she was lead neuropsychologist since 1999 and the psychology internship training director since 2010. Dr. Johnston-Brooks is a former present of the Colorado Neuropsychological Society and is currently the chair of the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Board of Directors as well as the chair of their Research and Program Evaluation committee. Dr. Johnston-Brooks’ years of experience at the VA allows her to work comfortably with individuals who have both emotional and medical difficulties. In her role at the MIBH, Dr. Johnston-Brooks will conduct neuropsychological evaluations, provide feedback and education to patients and family members, and will be involved in clinical research. Dr. Johnston-Brooks believes that clinical neuropsychology’s role is to help patients, family members and clinical teams better understand individuals’ functioning so that the most effective treatments can be utilized to maximize recovery. Outside of work, Dr. Johnston-Brooks and her two teenage children enjoy music, outdoor activities, and traveling.

Heather Campbell – PT, DPT, MA  
Heather Campbell – PT, DPT, MA
Physical Therapist

Heather brings four decades of clinical expertise integrating musculoskeletal and neurologic recovery to the Marcus Institute for Brain Health. With most of those years served in outpatient private practice settings, Dr. Campbell prioritizes practical, efficient and evidence-informed approaches to her patient’s concerns. Her particular area of emphasis has long been spine related impairments, specifically cervical spine. Over the past 15 years she has focused on sensory integrative disorders following head injury in all populations, with an emphasis in vestibular and balance rehabilitation. Her extensive teaching experience has included visiting faculty positions at Regis University Program in Physical Therapy, University of Colorado Health Sciences Program in Physical Therapy, Dennison School of Dentistry, and Assistant Professor at University of St. Augustine for post professional advanced masters and doctoral programs in Physical Therapy, as well as post professional continuing education across the United States, Japan and Korea. She developed cervicogenic dizziness content for the Vestibular Rehabilitation Residency Program at South Valley Physical Therapy, cervicogenic headache content for Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist, and participated in review of the current Medical Guidelines for Treatment of TBI for the Colorado Department of Labor Workers’ Compensation Division. Dr. Campbell is occasionally called upon for expert testimony involving TBI. Her expertise in concussion management links cervicovestibular assessment, oculomotor function, central sensory processing, and exertion tolerance to a multidisciplinary approach to care.

Nicole Miranda, PT, DPT  
Nicole Miranda, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist

Nicole has over 20 years of clinical experience in acute care and outpatient neurological and vestibular rehabilitation in large multidiscipline centers, as well as private practice and home health settings. Dr. Miranda began her career in pediatric traumatic brain injury and later joined The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR), a model-system center for brain and spinal cord injury. Her pediatric training and experience in complex rehabilitation fostered a heightened awareness of the impact that lifespan developmental experiences, learning differences and sensory motor processing have on an individual’s recovery following traumatic injury as adults and in geriatrics. In private practice at South Valley Physical Therapy she developed an expertise in vestibular rehabilitation to address the invisible symptoms associated with brain injury and other complex neurological disorders. As a dedicated life-long learner, Dr. Miranda is currently exploring the impact of dysautonomia, connective tissue disorders and complex autoimmune contributions to prolonged recovery from TBI and concussion, and is eager to return to multidisciplinary collaboration in clinical, educational and research activities at the Marcus Institute for Brain Health. She has interest in product development for healthcare digital technology applications to enhance the differential diagnosis of symptoms related to concussion injuries. Over the last three years Dr. Miranda has participated in the development and presentation of a national concussion course available through the Neurology Section of the APTA to offer evidence based clinical practice recommendations. She has been an affiliate faculty member and guest lecturer at Regis University since 2005, and has developed all curriculum related to limb loss and the use of prosthetic devices.

Melody Johnson Picture  
Melody Johnson, AA
Clinical Coordinator

Melody is a Business Services Senior Professional specializing in clinical operations and clinical coordination.  She has 20 years of healthcare administration experience particularly in Neurology, Rehab Medicine and Psychiatry.  Melody has an Associates of Arts degree from the Community College of Aurora and is working toward a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado.  In her spare time, Melody enjoys reading, camping and water sports.  She also enjoys spending time with her husband, three daughters and granddaughter.

Kimberly Dunn Picture  
Kimberly Dunn, AS
Clinical Coordinator

Kimberly is a Business Services Professional, specializing in clinical operations and care coordination. Kim is a Colorado native, who’s worked within the neurosciences field in multiple roles on the Anschutz Medical Campus over the past twelve years. Outside of her professional career, Kim is a wife and mother, who loves getting out and enjoying the beauty that Colorado has to offer.​

Angela Kirkpatrick Picture  
Angela Kirkpatrick, BA
Business Administrative Senior Specialist

Angela joins the MIBH with a background in customer service, accounting, human resources and project management. She has worked in higher education for more than a decade and appreciates an environment that encourages learning and helping others. Angela will be working behind the scenes to ensure that the team at MIBH is supported in a way that benefits those that come through our doors. Angela’s family has a history of serving in the military and she is proud to be of service at the MIBH.