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Responding to the Opioid Crisis

2019 Campus Theme

The CU CIPE has announced the 2019 theme for the Interprofessional Open Campus Program (IOCP):  Responding to the Opioid Crisis. 

As a part of this theme, the CU CIPE will collaborate with many university and community based organizations to provide a wide variety of programing focusing on all aspects of the opioid crisis: prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery. The IOCP themed menu of events will feature community-based strategies for reducing harm, supporting the psychosocial needs of patients, and providing the best practices in reducing the morbidity and mortality of addiction.

Why This Theme?

The opioid crisis affects us all! Substance abuse touches every population, either directly as patients or indirectly as caregivers, regardless of background, geography, income, or education level. As health practitioners and patient advocates, we will all engage with patients at risk for, struggling with, or recovering from substance abuse disorder. We must all be skilled at discussing the risks of opioids and substance abuse with patients and communities. Regardless of professional role or background, we must all be advocates for providing evidenced-based treatments and community-based interventions and resources when caring for patients in need.

The opioid crisis cannot be solved by the practitioners working in isolation! We need teams of different professionals working together to care and advocate for those suffering because of this national crisis. Each profession has a unique expertise and skillset needed for addressing the opioid crisis, and by working together, we can better address the needs of our communities.

We hope CU Anschutz students, faculty, and staff choose to engage in the IOCP theme during the Fall 2019 semester!

IOCP Responding to the Opioid Crisis Programing Partners:

The CU CIPE would like to acknowledge the following partners for their collaboration in developing theme-based content for the 2019 IOCP menu.

Are you interested in collaborating with CU CIPE?

We are looking for organizations and content experts working in the fields of substance abuse, addiction disorders, public health, pain/palliative care, and/or public health working to address the current opioid crisis. We invite you to highlight your mission and strategies in addressing the opioid crisis with our interprofessional students, faculty, and staff by offering programing on the 2019 IOCP menu. Please contact us at and indicate your interest in becoming a featured partner!​

For more information on submitting an IOCP offering proceed to the IOCP Submission Process​

For more information on the 2018 Campus Theme, review SOAR:  Strengthening Ourselves through Awareness & Resilience​​