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How to Identify Individual Professions Appropriately

By Program, Profession, Practitioner

The way and order in which we identify various professions can often unintentionally communicate bias to audiences of mixed professions. For example, we nearly always list our own profession first, or those professions we are most familiar with based on experience.

When discussing various professions, we encourage use of the professions preferred designation. We also support listing of professions in alphabetical order whenever listing profession in print such as event announcements, registration forms, or in surveys.

CU CIPE using the following when listing individual professions in print:

By Program/School:

Anesthesiologist Assistant Program

College of Nursing

CU Graduate School

School of Dental Medicine

School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy

School of Public Health

Physician Assistant Program

Physical Therapy Program


By Profession 

Anesthesiologist Assistant





Physician Assistant

Physical Therapy

Public Health

By Practitioner

Anesthesiologist Assistant




Physical Therapist


Physician Assistant

Public Health Professional


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