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Guidance for Creating Effective Interprofessional Offerings

IPE Culture, Language, & Professional Identification

What is Interprofessional Education (IPE)?

​​​The most commonly used definition or IPE is from the World Health Organization and states: IPE occurs when two or more professional learn with, from, and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care.

How to Create Effective Interprofessional Offerings

​Whether you are new to interprofessional education or have significant experience working with interprofessional audiences, we encourage you to review the following guidance as you develop your IOCP offering proposal. If you or your organization is inviting an external speaker to the campus as part of your proposal, we suggest you orient the speaker to the Interprofessional Culture of CU Anschutz.  

Review the following requirements for quality assurance:

  1. ​How to Promote an Interprofessional Culture​
  2. How to Use Interprofessional Language​
  3. How to Identify Individual Professions Appropriately​

If using CU Anschutz Campus Facilities, consider the following:

  • Please allow CU CIPE to assist you in reserving rooms on campus or reserving educational equipment

  • Most classes at CU Anschutz begin on the hour with a 10-minute passing time scheduled at the end of the hour. For example, a class session scheduled at 1pm will be released at 1:50pm allowing 10 minutes for the classroom to exchange. 

  • Classrooms should be return to their previous configuration prior to leaving.

  • Food and beverages should not be left in the classroom but disposed of properly in trash bins.

Additional guidance for IOCP proposal development is available:

​The CU CIPE and the IPE Council is willing to assist any person or organization interested in providing IOCP programing. This is especially true for individuals not familiar with interprofessional education. Please contact and the appropriate individuals will respond to your inquiry.​ 

Ready to submit an IOCP offering?  Proceed to the IOCP Submission Process​ online form.