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Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver

Agreements and Processes

There are several types of agreements used by the University of Colorado to manage relationships between researchers and industry partners:

  • Materials Transfer Agreement - Allows university researchers to provide research materials from an outside institution while still protecting Intellectual Property rights on the research materials.

  • Tissue Transfer Agreement (.doc) - Allows university researchers to send human specimens to collaborators at research institutions (Academic TTA) or companies (Commercial TTA), within regulations, laws and policies applicable for human specimen confidentiality, consent, and ownership.

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement  - Allows university researchers to discuss the details of confidential research with outside parties while still protecting the Intellectual Property rights on the research.

  • Sponsored Project Agreement  - An agreement between an outside institution and CU that allows the university to accept outside sponsorship while still maintaining some level of Intellectual Property rights on the subsequent research.

Additionally, the CU Innovations Office offers many types of licenses to university technology - licenses may be exclusive or non-exclusive, worldwide or geographically limited, comprehensive or field-limited. Please contact our licensing staff using the Contact links at the top right of our site, or send an inquiry to