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About CU Innovations

Every US research university creates innovation. Knowledge is translated through industry-led development and commercialization processes into products and services. Many top scholars in scientific, medical and engineerin g fields desire to create impact beyond the laboratory and classroom. To attract and retain such talented people, CU must have a world-class technology transfer operation that works hand in hand with commercialization programs on campus and in the community. 

Additionally, faculty investigators need to manage intellectual property rights associated with their inventions as they collaborate with multiple industry partners. The CU Innovations Office are consultants to faculty on intellectual property management issues. 


The CU Innovations administrative backbone provides support - IP management, marketing and communications, policy development, legal advice, compliance, and financial management - and operational engagement with our two campus locations. Specifically, CU Innovations provides the CU research community the following services:

  • Advises faculty on IP issues
  • Supports intellectual property management and commercialization planning for major federal grant proposals
  • Consults campus researchers about the technology transfer process through a variety of means including seminars, newsletters and special events
  • Solicits and analyzes invention disclosures from faculty, students, and staff
  • Engages students and commercialization partners in market assessment
  • Prepares and manages the transfer of "tangible research property" such as biological materials
  • Licenses patents and copyrights for commercial use and manages those licenses


University of Colorado Principles of Ethical Behavior 
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