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Health Requirements

Health Insurance at CU Denver​

The University of Colorado Denver has a mandatory health insurance policy for all enrolled international students in the non-immigrant visa categories of F-1 and J-1. Unfortunately we do not offer health insurance for our domestic students at this time. While many other countries bear the expenses of health care for their residents, individuals in the United States are responsible for these expenses themselves. Healthcare in the U.S. can be very costly and a single visit to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore it is important to have a good insurance policy that gives students access to medical facilities and provides protection against the high cost of healthcare.

If you are covered under comparable coverage, you may qualify to waive out of the University issued student health insurance plan. Every student wishing to be waived from the University sponsored plan must fill out and submit the waiver form twice every year.

Immunization Policy

The State of Colorado has immunization requirements for all students. All international students are required to comply with the Immunization Policy for the Auraria Campus. You may submit proof of immunizations through the Auraria Immunization Compliance Form.

If the Auraria Immunization Office does not receive your completed measles, mumps and rubella records by the deadlines stated on their website, an immunization HOLD will be placed on the student’s account preventing future registrations.

Students born after January 1, 1957 must complete Step 1 of the Auraria Immunization Compliance Form, which can be found on the Immunization Policy Website, and attach proof of one of the following:

  • Copy of your immunization records designating two doses of measles, two doses of mumps and two doses of rubella vaccinations or 2 MMR Vaccinations.
  • Have your healthcare provider complete Step 2 fo the Compliance Form​
  • Submit your titer blood test results

(Please note all records must be translated in English by a Medical Provider)

For specific deadlines, forms and information visit the Immunization Policy Website, call the Auraria Immunization Office at 303-615-9997, or stop by the office located in the Plaza Building, Suite 149.

More Resources​

This 10-minute interactive course will teach you about the U.S. healthcare system. Find answers to your questions such as where to go for medical care, what benefits are included in your plan, how much could it cost, and how to stay healthy.​


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