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International Opportunities

After you have studied abroad and finished your degree program, you may be interested in pursuing work abroad. While your major may lead to international work opportunities, there are a number of additional resources to assist you in starting your search for international jobs. ​​

 Teaching Resources

Dave’s ESL Café- One of the largest and most comprehensive resources for ESL teachers online, Dave’s ESL Café includes information on getting teaching jobs abroad, lesson plans and ideas, job boards, and forums.

Oxford Seminars (TEFL Certification) - Oxford Seminars offers TEFL/TESOL/TESL training at many locations in the US through courses taken both online and in-classroom, as well as job placement assistance.

BridgeTEFL- Denver-based BridgeTEFL offers CELTA, IDELT, and TEFL certification programs, with options to complete certification in-classroom at their many locations around the world, or online.

JET (Japan Exchange Teaching Programme)​ - An initiative of the Japanese government, the JET Programme provides college graduates the opportunity to teach English in Japan.

English Program in Korea - The Korean Ministry of Education’s EPIK provides opportunities for citizens of English-speaking countries to teach English, pairing up participants with local teachers.

Colorado China Council - University graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification are eligible to teach at a Chinese university through the Colorado China Council, which is an affiliate of the China Teachers Consortium.

Teaching Assistant Program in France - University graduates with an intermediate or higher command of French are eligible to participate in the Teaching Assistant Program in France, which is administered by the French Ministry of Education.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award - Bachelor’s degree holders who are interested in teaching English in a particular country may apply for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, a fund created to support cultural exchange through teaching English.

TeachAbroad- TeachAbroad is a search engine that compiles information and reviews of many of the teaching abroad programs available.

teflSearch.comTeflSearch is a search engine for English teaching jobs abroad, and includes a “knowledge” base of information about teaching in China, Japan, and South Korea.​​​


 Volunteering Resources

Voluntee​r Abroad - VolunteerAbroad is a search engine that compiles information and reviews of many of the volunteer opportunities abroad.

Volunteers for Peace - Volunteers for Peace is a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of short, medium, and long-term volunteer projects around the world.

Workaway - Workaway connects volunteers with hosts around the world, who provide housing and occasionally some food and/or pay in exchange for a few hours of work per day.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - Farmers and growers around the world provide opportunities for volunteers to work on their farms in exchange for housing, food, and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.

Peace Corps- One of the most well-renowned volunteer organizations in the world, the Peace Corps is a U.S. government-led program that sends volunteers on two-year assignments to more than 140 countries around the world.

Global Health Corps - The Global Health Corps arranges fellowships for aspiring public health professionals in its mission to improve healthcare access and health outcomes throughout the world, and currently has programs in East Africa, South Africa, and the United States.​​​​


 Work Abroad Resources

BUNAC- BUNAC provides assistance to individuals interested in interning in the United Kingdom by arranging internships and housing for up to six months. is a job search board specifically designed to advertise job opportunities in non-profit organizations, particularly organizations geared towards international development and community service. style='font-size: 11.0pt'>- is a search engine in which companies and organizations from any field can advertise positions available to applicants looking to work abroad.

U.S. Department of State Foreign Service class=MsoHyperlink> style='font-size:11.0pt;color:windowtext;text-decoration: none'>-Graduates interested in working for the U.S. Department of State generally work for the Foreign Service, a highly competitive program whose employees work in United States embassies abroad. One of the most well-known study abroad providers in the world, CIEE also offers work exchange and professional development programs for both Americans and non-U.S. citizens.​


 Graduate Studies

If you are considering pursuing a graduate degree, applying for a program abroad is a great way to further broaden your horizon and increase your inter-cultural acumen. Options for pursuing graduate studies abroad include enrolling in a full-time graduate program abroad, enrolling at a US university where study abroad is a component of your degree, or completing research projects abroad. Numerous universities, governments, and organizations offer scholarships to complete part or all of your graduate studies abroad, as well as research grants for specific projects.

Academic Ranking of World Universities - The Academic Ranking of World Universities is a database of hundreds of universities throughout the world ranked based on a specific and consistent methodology. style='font-size: 11.0pt'> DegreeAbroad is a search engine that compiles information and reviews of universities that offer full degree programs abroad for both undergraduate and graduate students. International Programs- offers a list of graduate programs abroad, as well as information about how to apply to degree programs abroad.

Study in Europe - A European Union-organized website which offers information about university programs in the EU and how to apply to study as a non-EU citizen.

SIT Graduate Institute - The School for International Training specializes in graduate degrees, certification, and professional development in the fields of international education, peace and conflict, sustainable development, and TESOL.


 Scholarships for Graduate Studies Abroad

Fulbright Program

One of the most prestigious and well-renowned programs in the field of international education, the Fulbright Program offers comprehensive funding to a wide array of students (primarily graduate and post-graduate), scholars, teachers, and professionals to engage in studies and projects abroad.

Rotary International Peace Fellowship

In order to fulfill its mission of developing leaders who promote cooperation, peace, and conflict resolution, Rotary International’s Peace Fellowship provides full funding to students who pursue master’s degrees in disciplines related to peace and security at International Christian University (Japan), University of Bradford (England), University of Queensland (Australia), Uppsala University (Sweden), Duke University (USA), and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA).

Boren Fellowship

Graduate students whose academic plans involve a taking part in a program abroad in fields critical to U.S. security, carried out in a non-typical destination, with a strong language immersion component, are ideal candidates for the Boren Scholarship, a prestigious grant which can be used to fund a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum one-year period of study and research abroad.

Country-Specific Scholarships

A number of governments and organizations offer funding to international students who complete their graduate studies abroad, or conduct research in their country. Be sure to research whether such scholarships are available within the country or area of study you are interested in.​


 Language Learning

Studying abroad can ignite your passion for language learning. Speaking a second language can open up your world, as well as enhance your resume, although it can be difficult to find opportunities to learn or practice a second language after you have graduated. However, there are plenty of options for learning another language after you have graduated.

Critical Languages Scholarship Program- The Critical Languages Scholarship Program is a summer language and cultural immersion program open to students of all majors who are interested in learning a critical language and intend to continue improving and using their language skills after completion of the program.

Transition Abroad - Language School Directory- A database of language schools abroad, as well as information on such topics as choosing a language school and how to maximize your language learning.

Language Schools Abroad class=MsoHyperlink>- Language Schools Abroad is a search engine that compiles information and reviews of language learning programs.​



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