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Placement/Promotion Policy

Level Placement (at start of term):

  • All new students will take a writing and speaking placement test along with the Accuplacer® test to determine initial placement at the ESL Academy.

  • No level promotions will be made until Friday of week 1.

  • In the first week of classes diagnostic tests will be given to all student. Students who exceed the level objectives will be considered for a level promotion.

  • A student may challenge his pl​acement; however, s/he must demonstrate ability to function at the next level in ​all skill areas in order to be moved up.

​Level Promotion:

  • It is the policy of the ESL Academy that if a student fails one class, he or she must repeat the entire level. This is because the curriculum is criterion-based and a student will not be permitted to move to the next level if s/he lacks proficiency in a discreet skill area.

  • Recommendations for promotion to the next level must be unanimous from the section Specialists.

  • The Director or Academic Manager will avoid overriding promotion decisions.

  • A student may submit an appeal in which case a committee will reevaluate the decision. ​


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