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If a student is late 10 minutes or less to class, s/he will be considered tardy (late); three tardies equal one absence hour.  If a student is 11 minutes or more late to class, one hour of absence will be marked. Specialists have the option of locking their door at the start of the hour so be sure to come to class on time. If a student leaves early, this will affect his/her attendance. If a student leaves in the middle of class for an extended period of time, this will affect his/her attendance as well.

Attendance is recorded daily. We use Engrade Pro to record attendance. Each student will receive an email with login information from Engrade at the beginning of the term. Students can then login and check their attendance for each class. P stands for present, T stands for tardy, and A stands for absent.

Attendance Probation and Dismissal:  

Students must attend class for the full 20 hours per week to maintain good standing and remain lawfully in F-1 status.  

If a student misses more than 25 hours of class in any term, s/he will immediately be dismissed from the ESL Academy. Medical or emergency absences must be approved by the Director and require a note from a doctor.


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