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Hiking for trees

After the hike
Hikers after finishing 10 miles

​On October 13, 19 UHLers hiked the Goose Creek Trail into the Lost Creek Wilderness to raise money for trees. As a person who hiked the trail, I, Jennifer Mayo (2013, English Creative Writing) can attest that it was quite a bit of a journey. Over the summer, I hiked in Thailand and had encounters with leeches, mosquitoes, and all sorts of strange creatures. I was also suffering from food poisoning. So I figured that five miles up the trail and five miles back down would be an easier feat.

Until, of course, we all reached the first uphill portion of the hike. I had been holding hands with Natalie Ta (2013, Public Health) and all was dandy until that part. Then, the pack of UHL students began to stratify as we hiked. There were luckily no leeches, but the climb was challenging. As my body heated up, I took off my jacket and my hat. Then, when it began to snow on us, I put them back on. Later, they came off. My hike was filled with continuous exchanging of clothing, but also bouts of humor.
Phyllis Chaney noted that my ability to talk while walking uphill was exceptional. There was also a time when we discussed how Roman soldiers carried over 50 pounds of gear with them and compared it to how we were dying from carrying food and water. Such a tragedy to have so many supplies. However, we all survived the ten mile hike no problem.

The students who did the 15 mile hike… well, let’s let this video starring Kyle Callahan (2014, International Relations and Biology) and Maddie Hunsley (2015, Chemistry) do all the talking.

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