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Kelsie McWilliams

The President's Visit - One Student's Experience

​I am very interested in politics and current events.  When the announcement was made about President Obama's visit to the CU Denver campus, I decided to wait in line with a co-worker from the Advocate for tickets.  We met at 6:30 am on the morning of the event and waited in line again - this time in the cold and freezing snow. 

While we were trying to pass the time, a woman from the White House staff came up to us, made small talk and then offered us special stickers for priority seating.  Little did we know that the priority seating was in the bleachers right behind where the President would be speaking.  I had the best seat in the house directly behind him.  As he concluded his speech, he turned around, and I got the chance to wave at the President of the United States - and he waved back at me! 

The opportunity to hear the President speak was incredible.  The fact that I had an unobstructed view of President Obama himself and that my face is now splashed across newspapers and websites all over the country has only amplified the sheer excitement of that experience.

My name is Kelsie McWilliams.  I am a Creative Writing major and I had a front row seat at President Obama's address to the CU Denver campus on October 26, 2011.

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