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Project C.U.R.E. 2013

Yasmine Dakhama's Experience

Packaging items varying from syringes to scalpels made me realize how thankful we must be here in the U.S. for how clean and available materials are at hospitals, and how much we must aid other places lacking such materials. These items that get packaged are donated from various hospitals and organizations to then be shipped out to places across the world that are lacking supplies - sometimes as simple as bed linens. The interesting 
ProjectCURE SMALL.jpg
thing is that many people take things such as clean gloves and sterile needles for granted in the hospital environment, but in places across the world, gloves and needles are reused due to a shortage of money to purchase such necessities. Gathering all the supplies and organizing over 45 boxes made me realize how dramatic of a change all these supplies would provide a village or town that would receive them. Regardless of how miniscule a change a clean needle can make, if it makes any change at all for individuals' health - that is all that matters. Health will always be the greatest wealth. To be able to share the materials we are so grateful to have here in the U.S. is an important part of aiding the world one person at a time. This entire process made me realize that no matter where a physician practices, the ultimate goal is to aid the world.   

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