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University Honors & Leadership

About University Honors and Leadership

The University Honors and Leadership (UHL) program allows students of exceptional abilities to unleash their full potential through its unique combination of a traditional academic honors program and an honors program in leadership studies. The UHL program offers students an array of opportunities that are not available to the typical undergraduate and does so within an environment that simultaneously promotes educational excellence, social and intellectual community, teamwork, and individual initiative.

Multidisciplinary Courses

All of the UHL courses are multidisciplinary, reflecting our view that the integration of a broad base of perspectives and problem-solving skills is essential for analyzing issues and ideas, past and present. The UHL program complements this with an emphasis on the development of exceptional oral and written communication skills, projects that immerse the student in sophisticated research methods, and the opportunity to solve practical problems in the community.

Small Classes

UHL courses are offered in small, seminar-style formats, with enrollments capped at 20 students. The small class sizes facilitate the exchange of ideas, close contact between students and faculty members, and a combination of individual and communal learning—all of which are important for academic development.

Beyond the Classroom

The UHL experience goes well beyond the classroom. UHL students have the opportunity to participate in research and leadership experiences tailored to their intellectual and career goals. International education opportunities allow UHL students to immerse themselves in the language, life, and culture of other nations. Students have the opportunity to “give back” to the University and the community through the Chancellor’s Ambassadors program and other service opportunities. And, of course, the UHL students participate in a unique intellectual and social community that offers opportunities and rewards that will enrich their lives at UC Denver and beyond.


All UHL students receive a base scholarship of $2000 per year for four years, conditional on maintaining good standing in the UHL program. UHL students may also compete for additional scholarships that are offered by the UHL program.

UHL Program Benefits 

UHL Program Benefits

The UHL program offers the student a number of benefits that are not available to the typical undergraduate student.

UHL House 

UHL House

UHL House, located on the scenic Ninth Street Park area of campus, is the academic, administrative, and social hub of the UHL program at UC Denver.

The UHL Steering Committee 

The UHL Steering Committee

The UHL Steering Committee, made up of faculty from across the university, provides academic oversight for the UHL program and supports the program and its students in a variety of ways.

Giving to UHL 

Giving to UHL

Donations to the UHL program support student scholarships, student research opportunities, and the continued expansion of honors and leadership education at the University of Colorado Denver.

Contact Information 

Contact Information

Contact the UHL program with your questions or requests for information.


University Honors and Leadership Program

Phone: 303-315-7838 • Fax: 303-315-7836

Street Address: 1047 Ninth Street Park • Mailing Address: Campus Box 199, PO Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364


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