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CrashPlan PROe Backup

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I view the files in my backup?

You can see what files have been backed up by browsing through the tree structure or doing a file search in the Restore window. There is, however, no way to view the content of a file without restoring the file. The files stored in CrashPlan are compressed for space and encrypted for security, so the files are completely unreadable without first reassembling, decompressing and decrypting the files which happens during the Restore process.​​


 Do I need to keep other backups?

The CrashPlan service is highly reliable, so there is little need to keep other backups, at least of all of your files. You may wish to keep a subset of your most commonly-used documents on a portable device or in your Home folder on Mustang for ease of access while working on them, or you may wish to have a backup on a portable hard drive in case you need to restore documents at a time when you do not have a network connection. Please do not keep redundant backups of your entire document set in your Home folder on Mustang, as that storage is quite expensive​

 Can CrashPlan synchronize documents between my computers?

Not as most people mean it, no. CrashPlan is a backup service, not a synchronization service. You can use the web interface for CrashPlan to restore documents backed up on one computer to another computer, but for true synchronization, where changes made to a document on one computer are automatically reflected on other computers, use a system such as Microsoft OneDri​​ve.3

 Can I restore from one computer to another

Yes, you’ll just need to use the web interface to CrashPlan. ​​Note, however, that if you have HIPAA data, you cannot use the web interface to restore files.4

 Why can't I use the web interface to restore if I have HIPAA data?

​A web restore, while encrypted at the server and through most of the process, is not encrypted end to end, as is the case when restoring through the CrashPlan application on your computer. There is a brief period when saving from your web browser when the data is no longer encrypted. This could make it possible, however unlikely, that the data could be intercepted. Because of this, the CrashPlan developers will not certify the service as HIPAA compliant unless we require that any user with HIPAA data use only the CrashPlan application to restore.10

 Can I even restore a Windows backup to a Mac (or vice-versa)?

Absolutely. Through the web interface you can restore a file to any computer, anywhere. Of course the device to which you restore will need to be able to open the file correctly before you can use it.​​​ And again, if you have any HIPAA data, you will not be able to restore via the web.5

 Can I restore a file to an iOS or Android device?

Yes, you can. Apps for CrashPlan are available in Apple’s iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. Make sure you download the app for CrashPlan PROe. You’ll need an app capable of viewing any document you restore to your dev​​ice, of course.​6

 Does CrashPlan keep only a single version of a document?

CrashPlan keeps multiple versions (unlimited at this point, though we may have to limit the number of versions at some point). To restore an earlier version:

- In the CrashPlan app, click the “most recent” text and select the time and date most closely following the creation of the version you wish to restore. 

- from a web restore, to to the “restore files as of” field and enter or select the time and date most closely following the creation of the version you wish to restore. ​

 When restoring can I save a file to a different location?

Yes. The default is to restore the file to the desktop, but to save in a different location, click the “Desktop” link. The first click will set it to restore to the file’s original location (the place it was when it was backed up), and the second click will allow you to select a custom loc​​ation.​8

 Does my backup get deleted if I delete a document from my computer?

No. If you delete a document from your computer, it does not remove the document from your backup archive. Only if you remove the document or enclosing folder from the CrashPlan backup settings is the document removed from the archive. Until then, you can still go back and restore a document even though it's been deleted from your computer, though may need to select a date and time in the restore settings that predates the time you deleted the document.​​9