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CrashPlan PROe Backup

Tips & Additional Information

Including or Excluding Files

The CrashPlan PROe client by default backs up the entire user folder on your computer's hard drive. This may be fine, but to reduce the time it will take to back up your system or for reasons of privacy and security you may wish to exclude some files, such as sensitive data, software installers you can redownload should you need them, personal music and photos, etc. You may also have data elsewhere other than in your user folder that you wish to have included in your backup. All this can be accomplished in the CrashPlan app.

Note: CrashPlan isn't designed to back up system and application files and we don't recommend adding these files to your backup selection. Doing so could cause issues with the priority and status of other files you want backed up. Additionally, since CrashPlan isn't designed to restore your operating system or applications, there is no advantage to backing up these types of files.

For instructions on excluding or adding files, see

Changing the File Selection


Important Note: If you have folders or files included in your backups and you at a later time deselect them, they will be removed from your backup archive. So do not deselect any item unless you are certain you will no longer need to be able to restore them.



Be sure to test the backup by from time to time restoring a file or two. Though the CrashPlan PROe service is highly reliable, there's always a small chance that something can go wrong, so it's wise to make sure you know how to restore a file you need and to regularly verify to make sure the restoring process works correctly. That way you can be confident that you can restore a file when you actually need to do so.