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CrashPlan PROe Backup

Restoring Files

There are several ways to restore your files. Which you choose will depend on your situation; whether you have access to the computer from which you made the backup and how many files you need to restore.

Generally we recommend using the CrashPlan app to restore files whenever you have access to one of your computers. The CrashPlan web app and the CrashPlan mobile app are convenient for restoring files when you are not near one of your computers. However, the CrashPlan app offers you the most flexibility.

For restoring using the CrashPlan app, see:

Restoring Files from the CrashPlan App

Note: If you need to restore all of your files because you recently replaced a computer or the hard drive containing your operating system, refer to the Restoring All Files On A New Computer Or Drive guide. ​