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Technology Services Quick Help

Electronic Mail (E-Mail) at the Anschutz Medical Campus

Use Policy

The University of Colorado Denver maintains an electronic mail system for use by all employees and students at the university in support of their academic, research and job needs. Use of the UCD e-mail system or other UCD computing resources for commercial purposes not related to the university's business or for personal gain is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to sending e-mail through your UCD account that offer personally-owned items for sale, promote events not sponsored by the university for which you plan to charge for attendance or at which you plan to sell items or promote for-pay services, or other sorts of commercial messages not related to university business. This policy can be found in Section 3 of the "Ethical Use of Computing" policy.


Getting an E-Mail Account

Anschutz Medical Campus Student

Your accounts are created and set up for you upon enrollment. Visit

for information on getting started with your account or to get help.

Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty or Staff

An email account should be generated for you automatically. Your department/office supervisor should have your account name and password for you. If your supervisor does not have this information for you, contact Jeri Rome in the School of Pharmacy Office of Information Technology Services.

Anschutz Medical Campus Sponsored User

To set up an account for someone who is not a UCD employee or registered student, contact Jeri Rome.


Accessing Your E-Mail Account

The university officially supports the several methods for connecting to your campus e-mail account. For instructions on setting up your device, go to this web page:

and go the page relevant for your current service. All School of Pharmacy students use Office 365. Most faculty and staff use the settings under the "Microsoft Outlook" heading until accounts are migrated to Office 365 in September. On-line as well as downloadable copies of setup instructions are available.