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Student Services

Career Resources

Distance Degrees and Programs understands the importance of managing your career and looking forward to the future; however, we understand that as a licensed pharmacist, you’re not looking for your first position. To best support these unique characteristics, we’re providing career services tools to assist you in differentiating your educational and professional experiences to develop your personal brand.

What is a Per​sonal Brand?

Your personal brand is the image or impression you present to employers and other professional contacts. Your personal brand will focus on three main areas:

  • Unique​​: What makes you different from other students and/or pharmacists?
  • Promise: What is yo​ur ultimate vision or purpose for your career? What do you want to do and how do your desires align with your target audience?
  • Value: Why do people come to you? In what ways are you considered an “expert”?

Student Goa​ls

By using the career services tools, students will be able to:

  1. Develop a strong personal brand to showcase experience and education
  2. Integrate clinical skills and patient-centered care into a personal brand
  3. Manage a professional network while maintaining a strong brand identity
  4. Evaluate career opportunities based upon personal brand and career goals

The tools include: