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Student Services

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program provides an opportunity for students enrolled in the ITPD and NTPD Programs make connections with other students and alumni, to gain constructive feedback, advice and encouragement while enrolled in courses at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Mentor Program will pair a student with a mentor who is a current ITPD or NTPD Program student or a graduate from the NTPD Program. When the mentor is a current student, then the mentor will have completed all pre-rotation requirements. Mentors will be made available to any student who requests to be matched with a mentor.

To participate as a mentor or a mentee, students and/or alumni should complete the pre-match questionnaire. Based upon the questionnaire responses, the DDP Office will pair each mentee with a mentor. Once matched, the mentee should initiate contact with their mentor within 10 business days. The DDP Office is only responsible for setting up the match; all subsequent communication will be arranged by the mentor and/or mentee. The DDP Office recommends the mentee meet with their mentor twice per semester; however, it is encouraged to meet as frequently as both parties feel comfortable.

Each match is scheduled for one full academic year, and each mentor and mentee will complete out a program evaluation survey. At the beginning of the following spring or fall semester, students can contact the DDP Office to renew the mentor/mentee pairing, request a new mentor/mentee, or opt out of the Mentor Program. If one of these requests occurs, the DDP Office cannot guarantee the previous Mentor Program pairs.

All students (mentees) are eligible to participate in the Mentor Program if the mentee decides to not register for courses for a semester. The mentee will continue to work with the matched mentor throughout the entire academic year, and the mentee is responsible for meeting with the mentor twice in the semester, even if the mentee is not registered for courses. Updates on renewing or starting the Mentor Program will be sent out after the start of the spring and fall semester.

The DDP Office has provided below specific guidelines about mentee and mentor expectations.​

 What should a mentee do?

  • Initiate communication with the mentor assigned through the mentor match within 10 business days.
  • Establish personal and mutual goals with the mentor to make the most out of the Mentor Program.
  • Value the time your mentor is providing. Be prepared with questions to ask, topics to discuss, etc.
  • Self-reflection is an important part of any education process. Therefore, by keeping a written journal, the DDP Office asks mentees to reflect on any advice and constructive feedback provided by the mentor after each conversation. What did the mentee learn from the conversation, and what can the mentee do better? How can the mentee apply the advice to his/her experience in the NTPD Program or ITPD Program?
  • Do not ask your mentor questions that are logistical to a homework assignment.
    • Example: “Who should I contact if my password is not working in Canvas?”
  • Do not expect the mentor to be “on-call” and be courteous of the mentor’s time!

 What should a mentor do?

  • A mentor must have strong communication skills and a friendly and supportive demeanor.
  • A mentor should stay in contact with the mentee and help provide constructive feedback.
  • Facilitate the mentee’s growth by sharing resources and networks.
  • Serve as a “sounding board” for program and educational issues, career development ideas or for pursuing career opportunities.
  • Focus on the mentee’s total development by encouraging mentees to become more efficient and productive.
  • Do not assist or complete any academic work for the mentee.
  • Do not make any decisions for the mentee. Always provide perspective but remain objective!
  • Do not be overly accessible to the mentee for minor problems or questions.

All mentees and mentors are encouraged to contact the DDP Office if there are any questions about the Mentor Program via email​ or phone at303-724-3582.​