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Experiential Training

International-Trained PharmD Program

The experiential training curriculum for the International-Trained PharmD (ITPD) Program includes six, six week advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs) in the following practice areas:​

  • Community Pharmacy – Required
  • Health-System Pharmacy/Inpatient* – Required - *ITPD Students complete two of these rotations.
  • Ambulatory Care – Required
  • Elective One
  • Elective Two

There are two elective APPE rotations and four required APPE rotations, which are community pharmacy, health-system pharmacy, ambulatory care, and two (2) health-system pharmacy/inpatient rotations. In addition, there are two elective APPEs. Elective APPEs may be selected from a variety of medicine subspecialties, such as neurology, oncology, nutrition, infectious disease, critical care psychiatry, education, administration, industry, managed care and clinical research.

All APPE rotations are six weeks in length or 240 hours on a full-time basis, which represents a total of 36 weeks or 1440 APPE rotation hours. ITPD students must complete all required APPE rotations and at least one (1) elective APPE rotation in the United States. ITPD students do have the option to complete one elective rotation internationally. ITPD students interested in completing an international rotation as one of their elective rotations will submit to the DDP Office their request for review and approval.