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Experiential Training

Credit-by-Challenges – North American-Trained PharmD Program


In the North American-Trained PharmD (NTPD) Program, practice competency is determined by the mastery of outcomes. Many NTPD students have already achieved the outcomes for one or more advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations during their pharmacy careers.  Therefore, the Credit-by-Challenge Subcommittee, with the support of the Experiential Education Committee, developed a credit-by-challenge portfolio process to grant academic credit for one or more APPE rotations based on the NTPD student’s work experience.

NTPD students may submit a credit-by-challenge portfolio through the abbreviated or full portfolio credit-by-challenge format once the NTPD student completes an advising call. Students can learn more about each format in the tabs below.

Manual and Policies – The DDP Office recommends all NTPD students read through the documents linked below to learn more about the credit-by-challenge process, which provides more information about the review process, submission deadlines, and formatting.


A full portfolio credit-by-challenge submission requires the NTPD student to prepare a portfolio addressing the components for the outcomes the student would be assessed on if the student completed an APPE rotation. The NTPD student addresses outcomes by writing a narrative description, which defines how the NTPD student’s current clinical work supports each outcome. The NTPD student includes documentation, which is the physical evidence supporting the work experience written in the student’s narrative description.

A NTPD student preparing a full portfolio credit-by-challenge submission has the opportunity to work with an advisor. The advisor is a NTPD Program graduate, who successfully completed a full portfolio credit-by-challenge and practices in the area the student is challenging. ​​​​

The abbreviated credit-by-challenge format is an alternative to preparing a full portfolio credit-by-challenge. A NTPD student is eligible to submit an abbreviated credit-by-challenge if the NTPD student’s professional accomplishments require a degree of competency that is recognized by the Credit-by-Challenge Subcommittee as exceeding the outcomes required by PharmD candidates performing a traditional APPE rotation under the guidance of an experienced preceptor. As such, an abbreviated credit-by-challenge submission is available to NTPD students with the following specific credentials and/or qualifications:

  • Passing a board certification exam, such as BCPS, BCOP, or others as defined by the DDP Credit-by-Challenge Subcommittee.
  • Holding a healthcare management position for at least six months.
  • Earning a second graduate degree, such as a MBA or PhD research-related or patient care degree.

The preparation of the abbreviated credit-by-challenge submission requires:

  • Completing the abbreviated credit-by-challenge worksheet,
  • Outlining the basis of the credit-by-challenge in any of the qualifying categories and
  • Providing supportive documentation as specified within the credit-by-challenge worksheet.