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University of Colorado Denver

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Experiential Training

Colorado APPE Rotation Match

The Colorado advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotation match provides both North American-Trained PharmD (NTPD) students and International-Trained PharmD (ITPD) students the option to complete their APPEs rotations in Colorado, thereby maximizing their APPE rotation opportunities in the upcoming academic year.

In late summer / early fall, the Distance Degrees and Programs (DDP) Office will email students information about the Colorado match. Students will also receive a survey, where students will identify the number of rotations and the type of rotations to complete. In addition, students will confirm the rotation timeframe from the available rotations dates as provided by the DDP Office. The DDP Office will review the survey completed by each student and confirm by email each student’s eligibility (see below) to participate in the Colorado APPE match process. After this occurs, all eligible students who complete the survey will rank their rotation site selections into E*Value. E*Value will “match” the students to the Colorado rotation site where students will complete their rotations.

Note: All ITPD students must participate in the Colorado APPE rotation match process as all ITPD students will complete their rotations in Colorado. 

Eligibility Requirements – All students should review their respective program’s APPE rotation manual, which defines the requirements students must meet prior to beginning their APPE rotations.

Planning for the Match – The DDP Office has already completed the Colorado APPE rotation match for the 2014-2015 academic year. The DDP Office will email students information about the Colorado APPE rotation match for the 2015-2016 academic year late summer /early fall.

Students who want to begin plan for the upcoming Colorado APPE rotation match should read the APPE rotation manual (see above under eligibility requirements). In addition, every student should schedule an advising call, which is also the first rotation eligibility requirement every student completes prior to beginning rotations.