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Immunization and Certification Requirements

The University of Colorado mandates all students in health care professions, whose training includes clinical settings and patient contact, complete standard immunization requirements upon admission and prior to rotations. The sections below provide more information about when North American-Trained PharmD (NTPD) and International-Trained PharmD (ITPD) students should submit their immunization and certification requirements. Students can download the immunization and certification requirements document​ to learn more about the items to complete.

  • New Students – Students will have assignments throughout their didactic coursework, which may require them to interact with patients. As such, newly admitted students will submit their immunization and certification requirements by the deadlines as outlined below. Students who do not meet this deadline will have an administrative hold placed on their account. 
    • ITPD Students - Students will complete all the requirements before starting their Live Summer Session I.
    • NTPD Students - Students admitted for the 2015 fall semester will have six weeks from the start of the fall semester to submit their requirements. The deadline for NTPD students admitted for the 2015 fall semester is Wednesday, October 7. 
  • Returning Students – Most rotation sites now require the DDP Office to verify students have completed all their immunization and certification requirements one to two months prior to the start of a rotation and these requirements must remain up-to-date throughout the rotation. Therefore, students will update their requirements one semester prior to the start of their rotation. A rotation start date will be delayed for all students who do not submit all their immunization and certification requirements. All students are responsible for checking state-by-state requirements before starting any rotation. In addition, rotation sites may require students to complete additional requirements, which will need to be finished prior to the start of the rotation. Students should read through the Rotation Prep - Immunization and Certification Requirements Deadlines policy to learn more about when they should upload their requirements.