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University of Colorado Denver

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On-Campus PharmD Students

Student Organizations

Being an active member of a student organization helps you learn and grow. The governance of the student body of the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences consists of two parts, the class representatives for each of the four classes and officer representatives of various student organizations known as the Student Council. With 10 professional, academic, social and leadership organizations, the School of Pharmacy has one of the most active student bodies on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Being part of student council or a student-led organization empowers students, supports quality learning experiences outside of the classroom, and encourages active, thoughtful, involved community citizens. You’ll also develop leadership and organizational skills that will help you through school.

In addition to pharmacy-specific organizations, the University Of Colorado and the Anschutz Medical Campus has a variety of interprofessional student organizations from which to choose.

Potential benefits of participation in extracurricular activities:

  • Allows for social interaction with students from other classes and other schools on campus
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops leadership, organizational and project management skills
  • Promotes interaction with faculty and members of the professional pharmacy community which:
    • Provides options for future letters of recommendation for jobs or residencies
    • Provides opportunities to learn about different career paths
  • Enhances your visibility for nomination to Phi Lambda Sigma or an award or scholarship
  • Provides opportunities:
    • To promote the profession of pharmacy
    • To serve the community
    • To serve as a mentor for underclassperons (through organizations or tutoring) or to be mentored by upperclasspersons
    • To publish work in journals or present work at professional conferences
    • To attend regional, national or international professional conferences
    • To network with current and future pharmacy professionals