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University of Colorado Denver


Student Organizations

Student Academic Communities

There are eleven themed Student Academic (SACs), which are interdisciplinary interest groups led by student of the various schools to further professional development throughout the campus. Each community utilizes an assigned space on campus where students can pick up information on current event, student organizations or just hang out with other students. These campus spaces have coffee makers, refrigerators and kitchenette areas, which makes each community a place for relaxation and socializing.

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International Health

Our Community is interested in promoting human rights, eliminating health disparities, and promoting health and wellness within our own country and around the world.

Ed1 (P26), Rm 1304

Renee King & Rita Lee

Geriatric Health

Our community space is a place for informal education, networking, and activities surrounding health issues that face the elderly. This SAC will provide informational resources on scholarships, internships, grants, and conferences related to geriatric health. It will house books and articles on geriatric health. The SAC will host workshops and informal lectures on geriatric health topics. And provide opportunities for service learning and volunteer work with elders in the local community. (This SAC is a place not only for those who will specialize in the care of older adults, but also for those students who anticipate working with an adult population in another specialty that will include older adults.)

Ed2 North (P28), Rm 1203

Sarah Brannon


Our community provides fitness and wellness tips; weekly fitness classes; monthly presentations, lecturers, or hands-on lab opportunities. We aim to raise and broaden the awareness in the areas of sports medicine, fitness, and wellness for our fellow students, as well as helping them stay fit while being involved in an interdisciplinary group on campus. These same ideas and skills can then be used with our future patient populations.

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 1304

Jamie Pingatore

Acute Care

Our community provides a space designed to inform students interested in acute care areas of health care, such as Emergency Medicine, as well as provide opportunities for career exploration in the field. Our goal is to keep everyone posted of our events, lectures and shadowing opportunities (don't forget to check our bulletin board!). Enjoy and welcome! Any questions or something you would like to see the Acute SAC do then please contact Rick Morey at the above email link, he would be glad to help you!

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 2103

Ricky Morey & Jennifer Tofte


Our community focuses on informing students on innovations occurring in medical, radiation, and surgical oncology as well as provide opportunities for career exploration and development in these fields. We organize events which may include lunch with oncologists, a short lecture series, interdisciplinary panels, and student presentations. We also keep files on oncology fellowships/scholarships, professional shadowing opportunities, and information about the career path.

Ed2 North (P28), Rm 1203

Kristin Lambert

Bioethics and Humanities

Our community hopes to make art, literature, history and bioethics an integral part of student life at UCD. This space is used to showcase artwork and poetry from the student body, to display current events in bioethics, and to facilitate discussion and creative thought. Monthly lectures are organized, and scholarship and publication opportunities are advertised.

Ed2 North (P28), Rm 2207

Jesse Hinckley

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Our community strives to increase awareness of Complementary and Alternative healing therapies amongst the student body and faculty. To achieve this goal we host informational meetings for the student body, and provide a meeting/discussion place for people interested in CAM/Integrative Medicine.

Ed2 North (P28), Rm 2101

Michaela Hasan

Rural Health

Our community's mission is to unify students interested in rural health with the purpose of encouraging students to explore a career in a rural area. This goal will be accomplished through lunch lectures pertinent to rural health & through practical experiences of rural life (ie. field trips, line dancing, etc).

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 2101

Taisa Priester


Our community aims to expose health care students to the diverse underserved populations that are found in an urban setting. We hope to create a relaxing atmosphere where students can gain the latest information in how to get actively involved in treating underserved populations.

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 2103

Taisa Priester

Women’s Health

Our community focuses on addressing women's health issues in a positive environment. We allow all students and various interest groups to use the area and have events to educate students about ongoing issues and new developments in women's healthcare.

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 2205

Leela Velayudhan

Diversity and Health Care

Come Celebrate Diversity! Our community provides education about, and support for the diverse communities on the Anschutz Medical campus. Feel free to chill out, relax, study, meet new people and learn about the diverse cultural fabric of our campus and surrounding communities.

Ed2 South (L28, Rm 2209

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Joseph Potter


Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed1 (P26, Rm 1306

Kasey Topp

Public Health

Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed2 (P28), Rm 2211

Still hiring


Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed2 North (P28), Rm 2204

Jennifer Gill


Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed1 (P26), Rm 1308

Nicole Nghiem


Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed1 (P26), Rm 1302

Ifeanyichukwu Okocha

Dental Medicine

Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 1301

Tyler Borg

Physical Therapy

Contact SAC liaison for more details

Ed2 South (L28), Rm 1205

Mitchell Luce & Julie Wallace

Graduate School

Contact SAC liaison for more details

RC1 (P18), Rm 1310

Aaron Krueger