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International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Student Chapter (ISPOR-SC)


  • Provide an environment where students can share knowledge in pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research.
  • Serve as a bridge in bringing together students interested in pharmacoeconomics and members of the pharmaceutical industry, health-related organizations, and academia.
  • Act as a resource for new students interested in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.
  • Provide an opportunity for student chapter members to become familiar with the affairs of ISPOR as well as have representation in its affairs.

Description: ISPOR, a scientific and educational organization, provides and promotes quality education on pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research principles and the use of this research in health care decisions.  ISPOR has over 5,900 active members from 92 countries and over 750 student members and 50 ISPOR Student Chapters.  Student-related activities and groups include the ISPOR Student Network, the ISPOR Student Chapters, web-based seminars, travel grants and the ISPOR Student Chapter Faculty Advisory Council.  ISPOR provides its students with many opportunities to meet and network with experienced professionals, build leadership and training skills and engage in programs that help promote education and encourage interest in the profession of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.

Membership requirements: $25 annual dues per member

Membership Census (2010-2011): 13 members

Benefits: Monthly luncheon and frequent opportunities to do pharmacoeconomic research with university faculty

Events: ISPOR international meeting in May 2012 in Washington DC

Officers (2011-2012):


William V. Padula

Vice President:

R. Brett McQueen


Sara Vu

Faculty Advisor:

Jonathan D. Campbell, PhD



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