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Industry Pharmacists Organization

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Mission: The Industry Pharmacists Organization is dedicated to advancing the careers of industry pharmacists.

Descriptio n: IPhO believes that pharmacists' scientific training, medication expertise, clinical acumen, patient focus, and experience as healthcare providers make us ideally suited for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists are playing a key role in Development, Medical, and Commercial organizations and are making valuable contributions to drug development and optimal medication utilization each and every day. IPhO works with its members to advocate for advancing industry-based pharmacists to leadership positions by increasing awareness and recognition among employers, senior management, colleagues, thought leaders, educators, and students of what pharmacists have to offer.

Membership requirements: IPhO is open to all students. Attendance of monthly meetings and events are highly encouraged but not required.

  • $25 chapter dues

Membership Benefits:

  • Professional development (advocacy, networking events, fellowship/CV workshops)
  • Explore leadership opportunities
  • Mentorship opportunities with industry pharmacists
  • Fellowship info session and interview prep
  • Social events
  • Access to IPhO National resources



President  Yen-lin Peng
President-Elect  Ellen Brossart
​ Nashel Patel
Treasurer ​ Eric Pathe
Fundraising Chair  ​ Crystal L. Kuzyk
Liaisons ​ Kelsey West
Faculty Advisor  

 ​Shaun Gleason, John   Carpenter, Megan   Thompson

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