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CU Student National Pharmaceutical Association (CU-SNPhA)

SNPhA Logo

Recipient of the Award for Outstanding Community Service by a Student Organization for the 2017-18 Excellence Awards for Student Organizations, Leadership and Service!

Mission:  SNPhA is an educational and community service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about critical issues affecting healthcare and pharmacy practice in diverse and underserved communities.

Description: Our main goal is to improve the health outcomes of the underserved populations in our community. We do so by reaching out into our community with health fairs, educational seminars, and fundraising events. The most important way we can improve patient care in our community is learn what the needs of our community are and what we can do to make a change. We take great pride in providing leadership opportunities for pharmacy and pre-pharmacy students.

Membership requirements: Open to everyone, $50 membership fee, click here to join online.

Membership Census: 208 Members (160 pharmacy students, 36 pre-pharmacy students, 12 high school students)


  • Up to $50,000 in scholarship opportunities
  • Membership discounts
  • Many volunteer opportunities
  • Networking skills and opportunities with health care professionals
  • Interviewing skills and testing guidance for pharmacy school entrance


  • “Get on the Path to Wellness” Health Fairs
  • Daniel’s Fund
  • Pre-collegiate Summer Pipeline Programs
  • Platte Valley flu shot clinics
  • Denver Indian Health and Family Services Chart Reviews & Health Fair
  • GLBT Center Brown Bag and Education Session
  • Black Church Diabetes Class
  • Multicultural Food Festivals


President: Megan Fetters                      

President-Elect: Courtney Vanoy                 

Vice President: Amanda Mueller                 

Vice President-Elect: Hallie Zhang                         

Secretary: Kayle LeBlanc                      

Treasurer: Katelyn Currier                   

Legislation/Voting/Immigration Chair: Morgan Tucker                   

Social Chair: Mackenzie Camp                

Diabetes Health Initiative Chair: Kathryn Lamberton          

Power to End Stroke Chair: Renee Johnson                    

Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative Chair: Makenna Bishop                 

Operation Immunization Co-Chair: Nicholas Szczurek             

Operation Immunization Co-Chair: Devin Rose                            

HealthFair Committee Co-Chair: Sandy Le                                 

HeathFair Committee Co-Chair: Allison Loi                             

Remember the Ribbon Initiative Chair: Nedra Chijioke                    

Mental Health Chair: Brooke Smith                       

Affiliate Co-Director: Susie Kresge                         

Affiliate Co-Director: Sarah Jallen                           

Chauncey Ira Cooper Program Coordinator: Rikki Hannifin                     

Historian/Publicity: Makenna Bishop                 

P1 Liaisons: TBD