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University of Colorado Denver


Colorado Pharmacists Society - Academy of Student Pharmacists

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Description: The Colorado Pharmacists Society - Academy of Student Pharmacists (CPS-ASP) is the student organization representing all pharmacy students in the state of Colorado. Our membership includes students from both the University of Colorado and Regis University.  Our primary focus is to provide unique experiences for pharmacy students, including fantastic one-of-a-kind networking events and advocating for the pharmacy profession.  Students are encouraged to attend and participate in one or all of the three annual CPS conferences, interact with practicing pharmacists, and mingle with CU and Regis faculty.  We are active in legislation, frequently lobbying for improving pharmaceutical care at local, state and national levels. Finally, CPS offers a great way to stay informed and involved even after graduation. Students are invited to participate in any and all aspects of the Colorado Pharmacists Society, and we encourage members to get involved and be creative!

Membership requirements: $10/year (or included with $60/year APhA membership)

Membership Census (2010-2011): Approximately 300 students from across Colorado and the country (such as students from Nebraska and Wyoming)


  • Represents all pharmacy students in Colorado (not limited to simply the University of Colorado)
  • Have an input on the legislative practice in your state. 
  • Relatively new organization who needs your input (we have plenty of leadership opportunities available)
  • Network with peers and pharmacists throughout the state


  • Dinner series with pharmacists in the community
  • Welcome picnic for incoming P1 students
  • Legislation lunch club
  • Social events
  • Stethoscope fundraiser
  • Opportunities to attend annual meetings
    • Summer meeting with Jeopardy-style OTC competitions
    • Annual winter CE-and-Ski
  • Immunization clinics

Officers (2014-2015):

Executive Chair:

Executive Vice Chair:

Executive Chair Elect:

Annie Williams

Executive Vice Chair Elect:

Jillian Bishop


Michelle Fabela


Janet Oh

Regis Student Liaison:

Jordon Thomas

CU Student Liaison:

Mariah Coler

Legislative Chair:

Matt McClure - CU, William Irizarry - Regis

Programming Education Chair:

Alina Burnett-Hogan - CU, Leila Khursid - Regis

Fundraising Chair:

Allison Chadsey – CU, Lendy Le - Regis

Programming/Education; Social Chair:

Public & Professional Relations Chair:

Kim Reisch - CU, Ann Grob - Regis


Fall 2013 Elections - TBD

Executive Board Member:

Scott DeBacco – CU, Matt Gutmer - Regis

Other leadership opportunities: We have positions for students beginning in the P1 year that include member-at-large position, various committee chairs, and student liaisons.


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