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University of Colorado Denver

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Colorado Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSSHP)


Mission:  The mission of the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum is to prepare the next generation of health-system pharmacists to be leaders in their schools and communities to advance the future of the pharmacy profession.

Description: CSSHP is geared towards fostering the development of clinical pharmacists, providing members the opportunity to gain experience within the field. Our organization offers members the advantage of attaining knowledge and connections with clinical pharmacists.

Membership requirements: Open to everyone, $60 membership fee, membership deadline is always mid-September. 

Membership Census 2010-11: 169 Members


  • Networking: Our organization provides numerous opportunities to shadow, attend dinners and interact with our clinical faculty at the University of Colorado. The residency panel is great exposure to the Colorado Residency Program Directors and current residents.
  • Community outreach: CSSHP gives back to our local communities through brown bag events, volunteer events at Children’s hospitals, community health fairs, and our “Pharmacists for a Day” program with local elementary students.
  • Advocacy and networking opportunities with other national members.
  • Access to ASHP connect with features of the mentor program.
  • Free subscription to AJHP the official journal of ASHP as well as online access.
  • Subscription to ASHP Daily Briefing a customized daily email briefing on medical issues and health care topics.
  • Professional courtesy discounts on member credit cards and car rental discounts from Hertz.
  • Member discounted rate to ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.



  • Shadowing program
  • Faculty dinner series
  • Brown bag events
  • Health fairs
  • Hospital tours
  • Community outreach
  • Residency panel
  • Clinical skills competition

Officers (2013-2014):


Laura Vriesman (P3)


Rebecca Wienbar (P2)

Vice President:

Caitlin Butler (P3)

Vice President-elect:

Ashley Lantis (P2)


Andrea Boyce (P3)


Sara Velotta (P3)


Kalee Paulson (P3)

Historians/PR Co-Chairs:

Jordan Reese (P3), Ryan Fleer (P2)

Event Coordinators:

Mikaela Elwell (P3) , Stacey Matsuda (P2)

Fundraising Co-Chairs:

Janki Bhakta (P3), Kirby Welston (P3)

Community Outreach:

Carrie Dahlman (P3), Katie Tran (P3)

Brown Bag Coordinator:

Jenna Gorrell (P3)

Policy Co-chairs:

Arya Mishra (P3), Stephen Shaw (P3)

P1 Coordinators:

Marco Luker (P3), Kim Reisch (P3)

P1 Liaison:

Organ Donation Awareness Chairs:

James Ogbeide (P2), Kailynn DeRonde (P2)

Faculty Advisor:

Scott Mueller, PharmD


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