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American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)


Mission: The American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s purpose is to advance human health by extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacy. Through strategic initiatives, partnerships, collaborations, and alliances, ACCP:

  • Provides leadership, professional development, advocacy, and resources that enable clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice, research, and education.
  • Advances clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through support and promotion of research, training, and education.
  • Promotes innovative science, develops successful models of practice, and disseminates new knowledge to advance pharmacotherapy and patient care.

Description: The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) is a professional and scientific society that provides leadership, education, advocacy, and resources enabling clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice and research. ACCP's membership is composed of practitioners, scientists, educators, administrators, students, residents, fellows, and others committed to excellence in clinical pharmacy and patient pharmacotherapy. For more information, please view these information slides.

Membership requirements: $35 annually; can apply here online

Membership Census (2010-2011): New organization

General Demographics: >10,000 members nationally

  • 78% have a Pharm.D. degree (80% have completed additional residency or fellowship training)
  • 45% are board certified in a BPS-recognized specialty
  • 16% are in a pharmacy degree or training program


  • Access to the online journal Pharmacotherapy
  • Membership in one Practice-based Research Network (PRN) for free annually
  • Opportunities to volunteer to participate in national committee work as well as PRN committee work, ACCP Academy Programming, ACCP Research Institute


  • Annual Meeting (October each year)
  • Updates in Therapeutics: The Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Review and Recertification Course (April each year)
  • Updates in Therapeutics: The Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Preparatory Review Course (April each year)

Officers (2015-2016):


Jeffrey Chheuy

Vice President:

Rhonda Wong

​President Elect: ​David Choe
​Secretary: Magda Danshowska​
​Treasurer: Agam Amin​
​Student Liaison: ​Kristi Smith
​Fundraising Co-Chairs: ​Christian Gabriel, Charlotte Wagner


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