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University of Colorado Denver


PharmD Resources

Academic Assistance

Free Tutoring

The school offers free one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring to students who qualify to improve student’s academic performance. This service is provided by either pharmacy students within their own class or in classes above. Students qualify for this program if they are currently receiving a C- or less in a course.

In addition to individual tutoring, the school also provides supplemental instruction (SI) sessions for classes that historically have more students struggle and result in a higher incidence of grades of D and F. SI is a regularly scheduled academic assistance program aimed to provide opportunities for students to review notes, discuss readings for class and develop organizational strategies for success in the curriculum. The SI leaders facilitate active self-learning by encouraging students to identify key points of the lectures, think proactively about upcoming topics and find mechanisms for students to answer their own questions. In SI sessions, the tutors do not lecture or re-teach course material.

Conducting the sessions include recent graduates and current peer students who will attend classes and view the Panopto recordings. The SI sessions are free of charge and optional for all students but students are asked to attend all or as many sessions as possible and not just attend sessions before exams and quizzes.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Services;

ESL Support and Assistance for Enrolled Students

The school has an ESL Instructor on faculty in order to assist first year students who passed the Summer Intensive Advanced English Course, as well as to assist any other student with an ESL/bilingual/multilingual background, whether self or faculty referred. This service is offered at no charge to current students.  Typically the area of concern and focus is writing, but occasionally the need to practice speaking skills for a verbal exam or sharpen pronunciation skills also arises for some students.  Having an ESL Instructor on staff reflects the school’s commitment to diverse students and assisting them in achieving success.  Due to the ESL instructor’s familiarity with all written coursework for the Pharm.D. program, at times, native speaking students demonstrating the need to improve their writing are also referred and advised in the same manner as ESL/bilingual/multilingual students.  Students are welcome to contact Mary Seeber for more information.