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Type: Hospital

Classification: Elective

Location: Shirati Hospital, Shirati area of the Rorya District in the Mara Region of the Lake Zone of Tanzania. Close to the Kenyan border

  • Can fly through Nairobi, Kenya, and take a bus down to Shirati (a day travel)
  • Can fly to Dar es Salaam and then take a domestic flight to Mwanza and take a bus or car to Shirati (7-8 hours by bus, 5 ½ hours by car)

Language: English

Housing: self arranged


  • Students will be able to shadow doctors/pharmacists as well as undertake projects of their own, such as surveying the hospital staff to identify what opportunities for continuing education should be made, and hosting clinics to test for and treat Schitosomiasis.

Length: 6 weeks

Price: varies according to housing and personal expenses