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For information on the Experiential component of the PharmD program, contact a menber of the Experiential Program office staff.



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Rotation Requirements

In order to start rotations, students must pass their P-3 year. You must also provide the following documentation.

  • Current immunizations. You must show documentation of up-to-date immunization for several vaccinations. See the Required Immunizations. The specific immunizations required are subject to change based on changing CDC recommendations and University policy. 
  • Current CPR certification. You must show current certification for adults, children, and infant CPR. No online courses accepted.
  • Criminal background checks. Required of all students enrolled at the School of Pharmacy. All students must complete and submit the UCD Student Background Investigation Consent and Release form.
  • Drug Screening. The University of Colorado Denver School of Pharmacy will require, as a matter of routine, all matriculating P-4 students assigned to P-4 rotation sites to submit to a drug screen. The student will comply with directions given regarding the designated vendor and any appropriate follow up that may be required.

Certain sites have more stringent requirements. You must adhere to the specific guidelines of each site.